Your Hands: A makeup artist’s hands are his/her most precious tool. I use my hands to warm concealers, blend foundation, or mix two lip shades. I also use my hands to work makeup into my face, or my subject’s face, so that the makeup feels like a part of the face and not like a mask. Your face should never feel untouchable, even when it is fully made-up. The more comfortable you become using your hands on your face, the more natural your makeup will look.


They howled with rage and Sparks pushed me savagely in the chest, calling me a bloody idiot. I fell back and bounced against the glasses cabinet and fell on the deck: the cabinet came off the bulkhead and crashed on top of my head, spilling out broken glasses. I was cut and hurt and bleeding and covered with broken glass. Everyone shouted that I was a clumsy fool. Then we all laughed. I had a three-day ban. Of the three of us, I probably drank the most. We more-or-less continued as we had left off in Plymouth: Barry drank the least; John lurched into occasional wild binges; whereas I would just drink a lot, steadily. On a running average, I would be ahead in consumption most of the time, John a close second. I never felt that I had a ‘drink problem’ any more than anyone at that age did; I was just enjoying myself.

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