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Today I’ll going to teach you guys how you can trim your bangs at home now these are clip-in bangs I don’t have bangs now. So don’t worry and these are just a little clip in extension I can link in the downbar for you to check out if you want to but basically I wanted to teach you guys how to do this at home because I have seen from my friends and people that have come in to cosmetology school to get their bangs fix what happens when people do their bangs wrong at home and I understand it can be really frustrating because you get your bangs done at the stylist and they look great and you’re happy and then two weeks later you can’t see again and that’s really frustrating now a lot of stylists will actually trim your bangs for just a couple dollars or even for free but I know sometimes it’s just easier to do it at home.

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So these are the things that you need to know however I want you to know that I do not advise cutting your bangs from scratch at home as and if you don’t have bangs do not cut them on yourself at home because there is. So much that goes into that then just like cutting the correct length you have to suction the proper amount of hair and use the proper cutting technique and it’s just a little bit more than somebody that’s not trained to do. So please if you want to go from zero to bangs do that at a salon stylist and then go ahead and keep that up at home if you want to I do always recommend talking with your stylist seeing what she would recommend for you to do at home these are just what I would recommend to people that I cut bangs on high. So feet are really simple you’ll need a comb with a fine-toothed side and a wide toothed side and some very sharp scissors now these are haircutting shears you can get some really cheap hair cutting shears at Sally’s or something like that but basically you just want to make sure they’re really sharp. So that they don’t harm your hair while you’re cutting. So how to position your shears we’re going to be doing point cutting no matter what point cutting is when you go in and you just point cut up the hair like this we’ve all seen our stylists do it doesn’t seem that hard there’s a couple things you have to think about but no matter what you’re doing you want to make sure that they’re at a pretty slight angle.

So this kind of like to degree angle the more you go like this you’re actually gonna be cutting those diagonal lines into your hair you might see your stylist do that all some of your layers the back maybe even if you have choppy bags on the front that’s just dangerous to try at home because you can’t end up cutting zigzags into your hair which won’t look too cute. So keeping a slider angle kind of keeps you from having a little bit more about risk factor involved for a blunt looking cut kind of like what I have here This kind of a mix but a little bit more of a blunt cut what you’re going to do is to make little tiny motions like this you want my kind of little little tiny triangles that’s going to create some difference in the length of the hair. So it’s not going to be a perfect straight line which you really very few of you guys are really going to want that most of you guys are going to want that kind of natural look. So it’s going to make those little tiny triangles but you are still going to have them be almost all of that same length. So they will look very uniform like this. So it’s a lot more kind of a blunt to bang if you make the ends a little bit wispy or what you’re just going to do is to cut it a little deeper now you really have to be careful with this because if you cut in too deep you will make a mess and I don’t want you to blame me for it but just go in and practice this a tiny bit just go in maybe like half an inch and then just go in every little bit.

So you’re going to space it out more. So a really blunt bang looks like this like a little hummingbird or something that’s just jumping really quick and then a more blunt with sieving is going to look like this and again just build it up slowly you definitely do not want to do that all in one fell swoop you don’t want to go oh okay she said to really chop it’s you’re gonna have a hole and that won’t hook it will make a wispier look because you’re going in a little bit more. So you’re taking out a little bit more hair and you’re making more divots in between each one and when you do that you’re also spacing it out. So those little bits of hair will kind of hang together and make that wispy look thing we have to talk about is how to comb your hair now we have it fine to the side and a kind of wider side it kind of corresponds to your hair if you have fine hair you’re going to kind of one over here of course your hair you’re going to want over here there are exceptions to that rule I’ll going talk about that in a minute but let’s talk about how to comb for fine hair. So if you have fine hair it lacks volume it probably hangs a little bit flatter and you might have a little bit wispy or bangs what’s going to be OK for you to do is to take this fine side and go ahead and comb your bangs together and you see your stylist do this all the time where she’ll comb and then grab it between her two fingers that’s ten to help you then you’re going to be able to have it combed to exactly where you want it and then cut right along where it’s supposed to be the other good thing is that you can position your fingers right in that straight line and then just follow the guide of your fingers and that really helps out a lot as well now using the fine toothed side is suitable for fine hair because it creates a lot more tension on the hair it pulls the hair down a lot more which fine hair naturally does anyway.

So when you’re pulling it down like that you’re actually kind of cutting it kind of true to form true to its natural fall it’s it’s okay because your hair is not really going to spring up as much if your hair has a little bit more volume this technique isn’t going to be as good coarser hair you are welcome to use the wider side of the comb it might just be easier because with coarse hair using this creates a lot of tension and it’s more tension than you really need. So the coarse side of the comb is just going to be a little bit better it’s still going to get you those great uniform results and you can still do this number where you pull it and position your fingers here and then cut using your fingers as a guide I think the most of you are going to fall into the category I somebody that has a natural volume or a natural cowlick or whirl in their hair where they have little pieces of their bangs that actually kind of lift more easily than others I know I have that in my natural hair where there’s parts that like to kind of jump up a little bit more.

I like to have a little bit more natural volume and some parts that lay a little bit flatter now if you have that you definitely do not want to be really combing this hair down and really pulling it down and cutting it here because if you pull it here and you have a natural area that likes to jump up right in here you kind of chose straight line right here and then you let it go and this little area jumps up and you end up with something like this not a good luck you really want to make sure your bangs end up being the same kind of level you don’t want to end up with that little hiccup in the middle of your banks not a good situation going to get your bangs uniforms where you want them to look if you can go ahead and comb them forward place your index finger underneath the bangs and just let them fall that way if you have any areas they like to jump up naturally like right in here then they’re already going to be doing that like they’re already lifted they’re already you know being annoying then you hit this other finger smash it down on top and then you’ve got it held really nicely and precisely. So that when you go in to cut you’re not going to be moving around the hair it’s not going to be juggling around the other thing is nice about this though is that you let the hair all naturally onto your fingers oh you’re not going to end up with any little hiccups in the hair when you let go because you haven’t pulled it all down these little areas that have some natural lift in them are still still have that natural lift right there and you haven’t altered the natural fall of the hair.

So that when you let go you’re not going to end up with any little hiccups however if you had taken the fight inside and you have pulled it down and pulled all these down really straight and you pulled all the lift out of that little area then you would be cutting it and the lift as soon as you let go would pop back up and make those little areas that you don’t want to see. So we’ve talked about how to comb the hair into the fingers let’s talk about where to hold the fingers. So you’ve got your hair you got it all combed you’ve got it ready to go you want to have your fingers placed securely against your head you want to feel your finger against your forehead the reason for that is the one you lift up like this if you comb it out and you lift it up like this you’re going to create layers that’s kind of hard to explain where I am right now because I’ll definitely not going to cut these bangs anymore to show you but it would create layers because these pieces are held up farther than these pieces are. So as soon as you let down these pieces will be shorter that will make your bangs orter. So if you cut it out here it will make them shorter than you really mean for them to be which is not a good situation and you can also end up with layers which can also be bad when you have you know shorter bangs like this because then they can end up sticking straight out or just looking at flattering in general. So you want to make sure that you’re coming down into your fingers and you’re positioning that right against your head and it’s really hard because you can’t really see very well right there definitely using mirror when you’re doing this but position it right against your forehead it’s not going to create any layers but it’s also not going to end up taking out any extra hair then you really want to take out now as far as what height I wish to position your fingers that’s gonna depend on what your stylist usually does with your hair that is one of the things that you need a stylist to decide because it’s going to look different on everybody bangs can really change when they go out a little bit or when they’re placed a little bit higher. So you really want to talk to your stylist and figure out what a good height is for you once you determine that then that’s basically where you’re going to end up cutting. So I like it to hit about the arch of my eyebrows but what.

I would recommend is that if you’re like me you like the arch of your eyebrows that’s cool you want to go ahead and comb it out and you can see that your you know your bangs are going to hit about there cut it as about a quarter inch to half an lower that you really want that will give you a chance to practice first of all to make sure that you’re not going to mess up and second of all you might accidentally end up taking off more than you mean to and that will keep you from making a big mistake. So take off a little bit less than you’re supposed to and then as you need to gently and very slowly take off more it might take you longer but you won’t end up with a really bad accident hopefully this one comes to this but my advice if you make a mistake is to stop and go into a salon that is the best advice I can give you because if you made one of those little hiccups in your bangs or you cut it too much into one of those you need a stylist to fix that because if you try to you are going to end up with a scary mess on your hands. So just let somebody that knows how to fix it fix it don’t try to do it yourself alright. So that is it for my how to trim your bangs at home post I hope this has been really helpful and please remember that if you want to go from zero to bangs go to your stylist do not do that at home there’s a lot that has to be taken into consideration when it comes to cutting your bangs a lot more than I taught you in this post and you really need somebody that knows what they’re doing to assess your hair and it’s tight and your face and its shape and then prescribe the correct bangs based on those. So please make sure that you’re doing that in a salon but again if you really want to keep it up at home hopefully these tricks will help you I will see you guys in my next post on Wednesday bye.

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