Triple Braid Hairstyle Tie Back

Welcome to another week of learn new teach hairstyles for those who don’t know us my name is Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi everyone this blog is all about learning new. And different hair stuff. So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment today we’re going to be showing you guys how to do a triple braid tie back.

Triple Braid Hairstyle Tie Back Photo Gallery

It’s So easy even if daddy can do it. So let’s get started okay. I already went ahead.

And braided three braids here. And three braids on the other side now you’re just going to braid these braids downwards not back this way you just want to go ahead. And braid it down okay.

So the next step is you’ll just take the top braids here. And you’re just going to bring them together. And tie it off with an elastic band you’re gonna go ahead.

And just loosen that up just. So that it will sit soft on our head it’s gonna unravel this now, I’m going to take a second braid on both sides bring it together. And you want to add this right here this ponytail together with these two braids okay before you secure them off make sure that you like it you like where it’s position once you do just go ahead.

And stir it off in the last band you want to bring this down just a little bit slide it down okay make sure you like where’s lane. And then go ahead. And unravel this again okay then you go go do the last braid come together add it with this ponytail here make sure that you like where it’s going to lay.

And then go ahead. And secure it off in the last fan okay now just tuck it down a little bit just that part slide it down just. So that it will lay soft right on her head unravel the braids you can put accessories in these elastic bands if you want, I’m just gonna leave it just like this because it kind of accent the braid a little bit more then, I go spray a little hairspray.

And there you have it see, I told you it was easy thank you guys for reading we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you find value in it please leave a comment down below we hope to see you next time for our very first LBT Q&A be sure to send me your questions, I’ll watch you don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And click our new logo. So that you’ll miss any of our upcoming tutorials check out my tutorials to go there.

And hit we love you guys until next time learn it do it. And each other bye guys bye.

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