Triple Rosette updo

With this triple rosette bun updo I love this This great for like summertime wearing with the spring dress or even for weddings I think it’s perfect and is really easy. So let’s go ahead and get started first of all you can have whatever hair texture you want I’ll doing this on second day curls you’re gonna start off by making a small diagonal section by putting one finger at the top of your part and one finger at your tip ball drawing them together and pulling that section out then just make sure you like how that section looks from the front and if you want to you can secure it with a small band to hold it in place then to create the rosette what you’re gonna do is to twist the hair once and then wrap it all the way around into your first rotation of the bun once you’ve got that in place you’re gonna go ahead and add one or two bobby pins to hold that in place and then you’re gonna do the same thing twist once and wrap it around and once you reach the end of your hair go ahead and tuck the ends of your hair underneath the bun.

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So that they’re not sticking out then add as many pins as you need to to make this feel secure now you’re going to create the second bun put your fingers about one inch below where the first parting was draw them together to create your second party then move the rest of the hair out of the way now we’re gonna create them on the exact same way that we did before. So you’re gonna twist once and wrap it around in your first rotation then add your bobby pins as you need to do another twist and wrap it around for your next rotation and continue doing that until the entire bun has been made you can see here I had a little bit of hair left over.

So I’ll just gonna put that right underneath and pin it in place and then finally all you have left is your final button. So take all of the hair that’s left make sure you’re not leaving anything out and go ahead and do your one twist wrap it around add your bobby pins and do your one twist wrap it around add more bobby pins until you are completely done if you like you to make sure to make this one extra big. So that you can see it from the front if that’s how you like it if not just making a little smaller. So you don’t see it from the front just depending on your personal preference and that concludes this hairstyle like I said it’s really easy it’s just three loose buns on a diagonal but it looks. So phisticated and nice especially for summertime I hope you guys try this out and send me pictures if you do in my next post.

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