Truth Uncovered! What You Need To Know About Jamie Foxx’s Baby Mama

So if in the middle of the night like 3 o’clock in the morning someone wakes you up slaps you across the face it goes what’s your name are you gonna say Jamie or Eric individual who she is so everyone went nuts over the weekend when Jamie Foxx was photographed hugging his ex baby mama. But Before we jump to any conclusions let’s get the facts straight yes he is still dating Katie Holmes, and yes he just has a good relationship to the mother of his youngest daughter. But let’s backtrack a little, and uncover some of the stuff you might not know about the pair’s relationship. So Jamie, and his ex Kristen grana share a nine year old daughter together Annalise according to reports of gratis quit her job in PR a decade ago when she was pregnant with Annalise, and has been financially supported by the actor ever since everything was good between the former couple until 2013 when Fox started dating Katie Holmes Kristen’s father spoke to the National Enquirer, and revealed that their relationship became a little bit more tense when Katie came into the picture, and it was difficult for Kristen similarly. We’re told that Jamie is hesitant to go public with Holmes out of concern for their privacy now Kristen’s father also claimed that his daughter, and Jamie discussed having a family together for years, and even considered the idea of moving them to France to get away from paparazzi obviously that idea never happened. But the parents do meet up too often just rarely in public according to reports the pair meet up in Jamie’s Los Angeles mansion for private dinners. So now I hope those photos make a little bit more sense from where on Jamie Foxx’s accident. So much more even here at my blog calm you.

Truth Uncovered! What You Need To Know About Jamie Foxx’s Baby Mama Photo Gallery

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