Trying To Keep Up With The Kardashians

It means I’m being me, and I’m Punk, and I can wear whatever I want whether, it’s Kanye, and Kim slay TISS antics Khloe’s recent relationship drama or Kylie making a cool million in the last 20 minutes here we are just trying to keep up with the Kardashians now Kim, and Kanye are worth a combined six hundred million dollars. So needless to say they have some cash to throw around, and that means even at each other yes Kim recently revealed about Ashley Graham’s new podcast pretty big deal that her husband Kanye actually wrote her a check for 1 million dollars. So that his wife would not pose for a brand that allegedly knocks off his easy line imagine being that rich where your husband just pays you to not do something in addition to the million bucks there was a contract in the envelope asking Kim to be part owner of easy according to Kim. That was her Mother’s Day present whatever happened at breakfast in bed is that too much to ask everything’s got to be clean crisp, and tasty now older sister Kourtney may not be part owner of easy. But she is making some pretty major life changes as. We speak the reality TV star is said to possibly be leaving her palatial Calabasas Casa, and is making her way out east to the Big Apple over the past weekend Kourtney was joined by her friend Simon a Nicole with sources saying they overheard her talking about setting up shop right here in New York City being in New York, it’s just like a way more hectic okay like lifestyle than being at home though insiders told page six she is definitely discussing a potential move to New York with onlookers eavesdropping on her conversation at a Murray Hill hotspot Zuma for more Kardashian craziness to stay with my blog calm, and stay tuned for our next installment of trying to keep up with the Kardashians you.

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