Twist and Go Updo for girls on the go

So This our wearable I mean everyday hairstyle for the week and it’s just this like messy little rolled thing it’s kind of a new word take on an older hairstyle I’ve gotten a lot of requests for it I’ve seen. So many different pictures of this singing hairstyle on you know it’s a lot of different people but a lot of like the picture of the same style yeah.

Twist and Go Updo for girls on the go Photo Gallery

I’ve gotten a lot of that on my farm spring and my Facebook and Twitter and everything. So I thought it was a tutorial on it and basically yeah that’s pretty much it you could do this for a formal event also if you wanted to if you had like a little bit nicer something to go to but you just wanted to kind of play around a little bit with your hair this would actually be something fun to do but it’s also great for every day and especially for like curly or wavy hair types I love it. So hope you guys love it too and I’ll see you my next post Wow like first you’re gonna separate off the hair from the crown of your head up and just give it a little tease on the underside to give a little bit of volume unless your hair is really thick and then you can skip that step then take the rest of your hair and start at the very ends of your hair rolling the hair up kind of like it’s on a huge roller and roll it all the way in to the nape of your neck to create a little line like that now again if your hair is really thick you might want to do this in two steps split the hair in half roll it up on one side and then roll it up again on the other and then you’re gonna pin it into place by pinning against the very bottom of the little loop and then pin up any areas that are kind of looser if you have your bangs hanging out anything like that just bring it in and then twists it up. So that it goes in along with the rest of it and you can see.

I had a lot hanging down right there but you can always just twist it right back up and it works just fine and then if you want to have a nice finished look and you want it to look kind of girly and put together you can just leave it like that it has a nice shiny finish but I kind of like to mess it up you saw in the clip that I’ve messed it up a lot. So I take the comb just rough it against the hair just to kind of get the little fuzzies out and create some texture and you can also pull it with your fingers a little bit to create kind of the effect that I have on here but I hope you like it.

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