Types Of Exercises During Pregnancy

Recommendations for Counteracting Jet Lag

Because biological rhythms are numerous and are affected by a host of variables, it may never be possible to manipulate them at will. This should not stop you, however, from attempting to understand them more fully and applying that knowledge to enhance your physical and mental performance. For example, if you plan to travel across time zones, a variety of recommendations have been published to help you either reduce desynchronization or speed resynchronization of circadian rhythms. Please bear in mind, however, that these methods are still experimental.

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You should arrive several days prior to performing at distant sites table Shephard recommends that you allow at least days for a major time zone difference.

When you arrive, adjust your activity and sleep schedule to the local time zone. Because light and dark are important zeitgebers, do not live or sleep in a room that has no windows.

Mild exercise enhances resynchronization of biological rhythms. Intense exercise late in the day, however, will probably cause disturbed sleep.

You may find that modifying your diet namely, altering the ratio of protein and carbohydrate that you eat will speed resynchronization. Subjective reports indicate that this technique is successful, but controlled experiments have not been conducted to verify its value.

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