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Uber-hydrating botanical waters have become quite a health trend. Nutrition expert Katia Narain Philips shares how to create your own. âœAdding nutrient-rich fruit and refreshing herbs to purified water can really enhance your system in summer,❠says Katia. Try her bespoke blends


Pour purified water into a jug, then pack it with fruit and place in the fridge overnight. âœThe more you add to your water, the more potent it will be,❠says Katia. Then, drink it throughout the day. Just remember to remove all the ingredients you’ve added, except the fruit, before drinking.

To improve digestion Add juicy raspberries, fennel leaves, mint sprigs, pineapple, and lime slices.

For burning fat Use green-tea bags, sliced lemons, grapefruit segments and sprigs of fresh mint.

To deeply hydrate skin Fill the jug with chunks of cucumber, fresh strawberries, sliced kiwi, and mint sprigs.

For a summer detox Cram your jug of water with zesty lemons, limes, and dark, sweet blueberries. Yum! RESULT? These delicious cooling drinks make staying hydrated in summer so much more interesting!

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