Ulcers Varicose and Tropical

Ulcers (Varicose and Tropical)

Varicose ulcers can form on the lower legs when the veins are not functioning properly, often as a result of varicose veins. Elderly people are particularly prone to this condition, especially if they suffer from poor circulation – some merely have to scratch the skin on their lower legs to develop a sore which can be very slow to heal.

Patient with a long-standing varicose ulcer. All else had failed. [Treated with lavender.] Healed in 17 days.

Tropical ulcers (also known as ‘naga sores’) usually occur in hot, humid climates. Again a large painless sore develops, often on the feet or legs, due to a bacterial infection, poor nutrition or environmental factors. Gattefosse and Valnet used lavender successfully for the treatment of ulcers (see page).

Infected ulcerated lesion of the lower third of the left leg. 24th December first application of lavender. 31st December: improvement the purulent suppurating base was granulating and pink. By 16th January, the sore was half its original size. By 10th February, it had healed completely.29

As a preventative measure, apply a 5 per cent lavender cream/oil (see instructions pages) to the lower legs on a daily basis.

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To treat an ulcer, bathe the sore gently with a warm diluted solution of lavender oil (by adding a few drops to a bowl of distilled/ boiled water). Then apply a 10 per cent lavender cream (see instructions page), or cover with a pad which has been saturated in a solution of 3 parts olive oil to 1 part lavender oil.

Tea tree oil may be used in the same manner (or in combination with lavender).

Whooping Cough

Whooping cough, which is characterized by a sudden intake of breath or ‘whoop’ after a bout of coughing, can develop after a respiratory infection such as a cold, and usually affects children under the age of eight. Lavender’s antispasmodic properties have a calming effect and help combat the primary infection.

Use lavender in vaporizers in the bedroom, for the course of the illness, and in steaming hot inhalations (to soothe the bouts of coughing).

Apply a hot compress to the chest using a few drops of lavender to facilitate breathing, or massage neat into the throat.

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