Ultimate Workout and Diet Plan From The Victoria’s Secret Angels

And that’ll be the ultimate workout plan from the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ personal trainer, Justin Gelband. Wings optional…

Diet ‘If you’re serious about looking amazing for your wedding day, giving up alcohol, salt and sugar (except for berries) a few months before works wonders to de-bloat the body and helps to improve the appearance of cellulite and water retention. This in no way means starve yourself, but limit your carbs (I tell my clients to enjoy brown rice and sprouted grain bread just twice a week).’

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Arms ‘If you’ve got your heart set on a strapless dress, the quickest way to tone your arms is to do some boxing moves, such as ‘upper cuts’ or jabs. Holding a 1kg weight in each hand (avoid heavy weights, as they add unwanted bulk), bend your knees, keep your hips down and rotate your body, pivoting your right foot together with your right arm forward into a punch.

Do three sets of 10-15 reps daily, on each side, to sculpt the triceps.’ Bust ‘No one wants to look like a slouch in their wedding photos, so good posture is key. I’m a stickler for stretching in general, but long hours crouched over your computer figuring out your table plans can lead to rounded shoulders and a potentially droopy-looking chest! To counteract this, grab an exercise band and tie it round a pole or a tree, bend slightly at the knees and do a standing row: these work your rhomboids (upper back muscles) to really open out the chest. Two sets of 12 reps will have you standing tall.’

Fitness Legs ‘Everyone has a different definition of gorgeous, but most of my model clients (such as Miranda Kerr, Kate Upton and Lily Aldridge) want an ultra-lithe look. That means a long list of no-nos, including lunges and squats, which bulk up the glute muscles around the thighs. I often use resistance bands for lengthening, strengthening and toning. We do a series of side leg lifts, knee lifts and side steps that don’t put pressure on the joints, but really work small muscles to shape the legs beautifully.’ Bum ‘When you’re walking down the aisle, all eyes are on your behind. I have a famous exercise sequence called ‘The Runway Butt’, which focuses on shaping and lifting the bottom into a perfect circle. Starting on all fours (I use ankle weights for extra tone), lift one leg straight out behind you for 12-15 lifts; repeat with the other leg.

Then repeat again, with your leg out to a 45° angle to work deep. Next, stay in the same position, but rest on your elbows and do 12 donkey kicks on each leg, before lying on your side with your head on your arms. Then put your heels together and open out your knees like a clam shell. You will feel the burn! This all works to deeply sculpt and lift the bum.’ Stomach and waist ‘There is this trick I often give supermodels to do on the day of a big photo shoot to get muscles looking instantly tight.

Get into a push-up position and alternate reaching your arms up to the right, to the diagonal and then towards the sky. Then, in the same position, bring your knees in towards your stomach, then across to your elbow and back. This really helps cinch in the waist and flatten the stomach. I am also a big believer in crunches, and in making the connection with your mind to the muscles. Lie on your back, engage your core and pick a focal point on the ceiling. Reach up just three inches (it’s a small, subtle movement) and then down three inches without letting your shoulders touch the ground.

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