Bored with the same old advice on how to look your best? Try these quirky hacks from the experts W0RDS: Yanar Alkayat.

We all have our own must- have products and tricks that help us look great in an instant or stop a beauty disaster in its tracks. But sometimes the secret to beauty doesn’t lie in the latest product or skin cream. From trying cupping to storing your face creams in the fridge, there’s a whole host of clever ideas that can help boost your looks. We tapped the experts for their lesser-known tips.


1.‘Store your moisturiser in the fridge. When you apply it each morning, the cool temperature will help refresh your skin, soothe any dry patches and reduce redness and puffiness Expert dermatologist, Dr Nathan Holt at sk+n (skndinics. co.uk).

2.Next time you’re having your eyebrows threaded or bikini line waxed, especially if it’s your time of the month, take rosehip oil with you. The week around menstruation, hair gets coarse and is tough to remove, so hair removal might feel more painful. Rosehip oil will soften and soothe your skin and prevent chafing around the bikini line. Try A’kin Weightless Rosehip Oil (£35 for 45 mlakinbeauty.co.uk) for a fast-abs and super-lightweight version.

3.Turn your hot water and lemon into a skin detox with this cleansing infusion from Danielle Copperman, author of new book Well Being – Recipes and rituals to realign body and mind (Kyle Books; £16.99).Heat one litre of water in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Add 2 handfuls of fresh lemon balm leaves or lemongrass, 90g raw beetroot, 5g chopped liquorice root, 2g rose petals, 2 tsp fennel seeds, juice and zest of a lime, “5g sliced turmeric and a handful of dried hibiscus flowers. Simmer or steep off the heat tor 30 minutes to one hour.Serve, or allow to cool completely before straining the liquid (or leaving the ingredients in tor a more intense flavour) and transferring to a container to store.

4. Is your skin looking dull? Get a glow by applying your skin toner or tonic using the Korean patting technique to boost circulation and increase product absorption, says TimeBomb Skincare (timebomb co.com) expert, Michaella Bolder. ‘Use your index and middle fingers to take some product and tap it allöver your face and neck. Keep patting into your skin until the product is totally absorbed.’

5. The Eastern art of cupping (using special cups to create suction on the skin) is now being used as a beauty treatment by cosmetic acupuncturists here. Lines are smoothed, texture improved, lymphatic drainage stimulated and product absorption increased. Try Antonia Burrell’s 30-minute Facial in a box (£25; antonia burrell.com) – it’s perfect for a skin boost.

6.Gut hair-drying time in half with an AQUIS Hair Towel or Turban (£30 each; lookfantastic.com). Like a moisture magnet, the fabric wicks wetness away from your hair, getting it drier quicker and reducing friction so your hair stays smooth and shiny. It’s super lightweight too, making it a game-changer for gym goers.

7.Did You know matcha green tea is great at fighting lacklustre skin, thanks to properties that help it boost your skin’s circulation? ~We love Sister & Co. Raw Coconut & Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub, £24for 350g; sister company.com.

8. Got a spot? ‘Aspirin contains anti-inflammatory acetylsalicylic acid. Crush a pill with a little water, then apply the paste to the spot for 10-15 minutes to reduce redness*says Dr Anjali Mahto, k consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic (cadogan clinic.com).


9. Colds and ’flu can leave you looking far from your best. Fight off germs, clear your sinuses and boost your beauty sleep with this aromatherapy trick from Tisserand. Add two to three drops of essential oils of lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus to a diffuser or oil burner (try the Aroma Spa Diffuser, £29.95; tisserand. com) in your bedroom before bed and the antiviral, decongestant properties will work their magic overnight.


10.Did you know your Shower could be doing rt your skin more harm good?‘Hard water lead to a buildup of residue that clogs pores, aggravates conditions and can lead to premature ageing,’ says cosmetic skin doctor Dr Steven Harris. ‘I recommend using a water softener.’ Try switching to TheOrb Spa Vibra Soft shower head (£128; orbspa.ecocamel.com) – it softens water, leaving your skin softer and your hair smoother and shinier. It also turns into a handheld sonic massager to boost your circulation and help blitz cellulite. Clever!


11.Are your make-up brushes harming your skin? According to a recent survey, a shocking 44 per cent of women have never washed their makeup tools, risking bacteria build-up. Make it easy with StylPro (£49.99; stylpro.com), which cleans and dries brushes using clever centrifugal spin technol • n 30 seconds flat. No excuses now!

12. Apply moisturiser when your skin ’is still damp after your shower – it will penetrate the skin better, locking in the moisture. ’ Dr Alexis Granite, consultant dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic (cadogan clinic.com).

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