Although there is little you can do to lift a sagging bosom apart from surgery, you can improve the skin texture and tone and temporarily firm the skin by using a serum specially formulated for this area. The skin will look less slack and appear tighter but the effect lasts only as long as you use the serum.


Although I managed to keep my head above water during P1 23 and beyond, I studied navigation for two years before the penny finally dropped and everything slid into place. Once the different arms started to interlock, it all became clear and apparent and, as with all navigators, second nature. In P1 23 though, under Captain Daventry, navigation was hard graft. The days went by. From Monday until Friday our time out was so short that every spare moment seemed precious, and every free couple of hours in the evening was a major occasion that we had to make the most of. So we went out into the night and drank and discovered the dens and dives and discos that served under-age drinkers and never closed. We came back for lights out and lay under the covers fully clothed when the senior cadet came round at 11.00 p.m., to check for missing bodies.

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