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Michael Johnson welcomes pressure to get him in the zone forward, back arched beautifully Running faster than I have in my life.

Sports Illustrated would write of the stretch drive: Johnson’s effort was engraved on his face. His gold chain sawed back and forth across the straining cords of his neck as he drew two, three, four meters ahead of Fredericks. The great crowd stood as one, calling him on. He hit the line, looked left at the clock and for an instant his expression was, as he later put it, ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ His record time was 19.32 seconds, a time experts believed would not be possible for years. Fredericks, who admitted he hated pressure, finished a full four meters behind. upper body workout equipment home And forgotten in the bedlam were tendon injuries that would keep Johnson out of the 400 relay a few days later. One last comment from Johnson: I like the pressure. I was afraid out there tonight. But I like to be afraid. Fear? We know that fear can debilitate performance. But, when used properly, as a defense, it can help.

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The Trash Talk Trigger

Few things can arouse a player like the sight of an opponent up-close and personal. If you had the luxury of sitting at courtside during the 1996-97 NBA season, you may have seen games being played within games: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls getting mad at Gary Payton of the Seattle SuperSonics, Charles Barkley of the Houston Rockets blowing off steam at the New York Knicks’ Charles Oakley, and rookie Marcus Camby of the Toronto Raptors daring to taunt veteran Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. These seemingly childish shouting and sometimes shoving matches can be good for business. NBA stars know that when they’re ticked off, they can raise their emotions and often the levels of their game.

Many players use trash talk to try to raise their game and shoot down their opponents. We don’t try to hurt one another, Hall of Fame NBA center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said. upper body workout without weights youtube We just try to hurt each other’s feelings. Jabbar’s opponents were sometimes distracted and thrown off their games by this show of disrespect, but the great ones thrive on being dissed. Go ahead, disrespect me, I want you to, Michael Jordan said in a television commercial. Remember from chapter 5 how Jordan punished opposing players and coaches who didn’t treat him as the god of hoops that he is?

In a 1996 NFL game, receiver Shannon Sharpe of the Denver Broncos, with his team smashing the host New England Patriots 348, teased Patriots’ fans by shouting into a red phone behind the Denver bench: Mr. President, send in the National Guard, please. We need as many men as you can spare because we are killing the Patriots. They need emergency help. Sharpe’s routine was caught on videotape by NFL Films and secured by New England coach Bill Parcells, who fashioned it into a psychological weapon. Parcells showed the film to his team repeatedly in the coming weeks and, thusly motivated, they won six of seven games to go all the way to the Super Bowl past Denver. Prior to their meeting in the 1994 Wimbledon tennis tournament, Jana Novotna dissed opponent Martina Navratilova in the London media, saying she was too slow to win again. I think this year is much too much for Martina, she said. Her will is there, but the body just can’t do it anymore. upper body workout machines list It was a feeling shared by many tennis players at that time and that apparently upset the 37-year-old Navratilova, who was ending her reign as the queen of the sport. She went on to upset Novotna 5-7, 6-0, 6-1 to advance to the semi-finals.

This type of reaction is a type of self-defense, according to exercise physiologist Jack Raglin. It’s anger sort of directed as an instrument, he says. These are threats made to their self-esteem and athletes have a very strong self focus. They’re used to performing well and a large part of their self-concept is bound up in sport competency. When threats are made to that, it would make sense that (the athletes) would want to prove them wrong.

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