Usefulness of Mürsafi Essence Oil on the Skin

Usefulness of Mürsafi Essence Oil on the Skin

Myrsafi (Commiphora species) essence oil is derived from hardened gum resins of many species of offspring planted in eastern Africa and Arabia. Mürsafi has been widely used in mummification by ancient Egyptians and is now used to maintain youthful skin tone.

It is said that perfume and medicine are used in the industry and that the athlete is helpful in controlling the foot mushroom.

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Mürsafi Yağı İncilde has a deep, rich aroma that has been mentioned many times. This essence can solidify over time; hold the closed bottle under running hot water to make it thin and easy to use (be careful not to start your skin, of course).

Nergis (Calendula officinalis) has been used for centuries to treat inflammatory skin problems and is said to accelerate the recovery of small burns, cuts, abrasions, insect bites and other wounds. The dark, dense daffodil CO2 solution is not distillable; oil is extracted from the petal leaves by carbon dioxide solution method.

When the solution is added to a cream or lotion in very small amounts, it also gives a lovely golden yellow color with its skin softener properties. Both the whole or the selection solution can be used, but I prefer the one that is easier to use.

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