Using Essential Oil Correctly

There are 3 basic ways to use essential oils: topical application, inhalation, and internal consumption. Depending on the user’s experience and desired benefit, essential oils can be used as single oil or in blends.

1. Topical Application

The skin absorbs essentials oil easily. Therefore, it is safe to apply them topically. Once applied to the skin, it penetrates quickly into the pores, moves swiftly through the cells into the bloodstream and then throughout the body for maximum internal benefit.

For instance, if you apply essential oil onto the feet, the oil will get to every cell in the body within 21 minutes. If you had a fungus infection in a finger or toe nail, the oil will penetrate it for treatment. What this also means is that topical application of essential oils could provide quick benefit to the specific area of application.

Do not wash essential oils off your body too soon because the longer they stay, the higher the possibility of being absorbed onto the skin. Do not forget to dilute them with carrier oil in most cases so as to provide protection against possible skin sensitivities.

Key areas of application on the body are: Crown of head, Forehead, Temples Behind ears, Upper back, Neck, Abdomen, Soles and top of feet and Ankles.

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