Valentines Half Up Heart Braid Hairstyles

Welcome to learn duty generic styles, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Grace this week is our second week our five-part Valentine’s card series. And today we’re going to show you how to do a half up heartbreak. So let’s get started.

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I started by putting her hair. And 1/2 a ponytail right in the middle of her head, I’m gonna take her ponytail. And take a Topsy tail if you don’t have a know leave a link in the description box below gonna take the Topsy tail.

And you go underneath the ponytail. And go straight up. And then grab the ponytail.

And put it right through the Topsy tail loop you’re going to just bring that ponytail right through, I’m gonna spray your hair down with some water just to control her flyaways. And have get better grip then take her ponytail, I’m gonna split it down the middle making sure that it’s equal parts then you’re gonna take these two. And braid it all the way down, I’m gonna do the same thing, I’m gonna wear just Tamra flyaways.

And braid your hair all it down, I know, I’ll be right back okay. I have now got two braids. And, I’m gonna go ahead.

And take these two braids. And forum a heart then, I’m going to go ahead. And secure it off for the last man, I’m gonna just leave these here temporarily until, I am satisfied with my heart then, I can let them go when you hit when you’re satisfied with a harp you can just pin them up with bobby pins.

And, I’m going to pin right behind right behind here. And this break here. And do the same thing over here okay.

I’m going to take another bobby pin. And just cross that. So that their heart doesn’t move, I’m just going to put another one right here by the other bobby pin.

And just kinda like a criss cross same thing on this side now are we going to go ahead. And release these elastic bands you can leave it like this but, I’m gonna put a bow right here just to hide that elastic band hey. So hairspray there you have it thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed the second tutorial of our five-part Valentine’s card series check out our other tutorials over here but you haven’t already click the two hearts below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials until next time learn to do it. And to others.

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