Valentines Heart Accents On A Ponytail Hairstyles

Welcome to our fourth week of our heart shaped hairstyles, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie today, I’m going to show you how to do hard accents on a pony tail. So let’s get started , I already started by putting her hair in a high ponytail. And I wrapped her hair band with part of her hair just to cover that, I’m going to start off right here, I have our hair wet.

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So that, I can control her flyaways, I’m going to start by taking a slice from the top of her ponytail in the middle not this much, I’m going to go ahead. And take the last sick ban. And, I’m going to go for about an inch down an elastic band right here, I’m going to start by separating these this ponytail into three equal parts for these three sections, I’m going to go ahead.

And braid each of these individually into a braid half way down to her ponytail. And, I’ll be right back you’re going to go ahead. And braid the middle one all the way down the middle braid will be your anchor for your hearts okay.

So I’ve got my three braids, I’m going to leave them one in the middle alone. And then outside braids you’re going to take an elastic band that’s up here just take this a piece of this elastic band stretch it out you want to bring this up. And bring it in this elastic band okay.

So make sure that you don’t bring it all the way through just just a little bit right right there okay going to do the same thing on this side here by taking the elastic band. And putting this way through Hey. So now you’re going to have the little arch of these braids okay.

So what you’re going to do is going to shape your braid into a heart, I’m going to take the middle braid, I’m just going to go ahead. And shape this braid. And you’re going to secure it to this middle braid, I’m just going to go ahead.

And fix your braid by pulling these out. And here’s number one braid, I’m going to go ahead. And release this one here the outside braids, I’m just going to go.

And leave this down that’s the one that’s going to hold the parts together again, I’m going to go ahead. And put an elastic band right here, I still have that braided. I’m just going to cover that up.

And, I’m going to have it about a half an inch from this philosophy in here you don’t want this relaxing fan to be too tight what just loosen up. So that you can put your braids through all right. So now, I’m going to have, I have this about a half an inch, I’m going to go ahead.

And separate the top hair that’s not braided. And I separate it in half okay, I’m going to go ahead. And break these.

And, I’ll be right back okay. So here’s your three braids again take the outside. And just repeat what you did up here get the middle braid as your anchor.

And secure it off with an elastic band okay. And then just shape your heart out release these. And just continue down, I’m going to go one more time okay.

So now, I completed my third heart, I’m going to unravel all three braids at this point you can do whatever you want you could you can go ahead. And secure it off right here. So that it doesn’t move anywhere or you could just let it go.

And let the hair dry. And just leave it like this, I’m going to put a little hairspray, I’m going to go ahead. And just leave this wet let it air dry there you have it thank you.

So much for taking the time to watch us we hope you enjoyed this tutorial if this is your first time here you love for you to comment check out our other tutorials over there don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And comment to the two hearts below. So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we love you guys.

And until next time learn it do it. And teaches others bye guys.

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