Valentines Heart Ponytail Hairstyles

Hi guys welcome to learn new teacher styles Valentine’s is just right around the corner. And it’s one of my favorite holidays.

So crazy. And I decided give you guys five heart pink hairstyles over the next five weeks this person could be showing you how to create a heart ponytail. So let’s get to it, I’m going to start off by putting her hair in a high ponytail, I’m going to go ahead.

Valentines Heart Ponytail Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And add some volume to the top of her head, I take a Topsy tail. And just go ahead. And cover up elastic band with her hair.

I’m going to go ahead. And take an elastic band. And wrap it right here down to inches down from her ponytail now, I’m going to take a piece of hair in the back upper ponytail.

And then, I’m going to split the rest of this ponytail in half. And with that piece in the back, I’m going to bring forward. And take another last you can.

And secure it. And you have this now we’re going to split this here in half. And you can go ahead.

And maybe braided or twist it, I’m going to twist it. And then put it together add another last fan right to the ponytail okay just shake this out. And now you can leave it like this for if you have long hair you can even add more to it, I’m going to stop here.

And like, I said you can continue all the way down but, I think this is so pretty with this just a spot put a little hairspray. And there you have it hope you enjoyed this first tutorial our five-part Valentine’s card series if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment please give us a thumbs up.

And comment to two hearts below. So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we love you guys. And until next time let me do it.

And teach you to others bye guys bye.

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