Vanilla Deodorants

This is my favorite deodorant that smells delicious.

2 oz. vanilla tincture

2 oz. sage tincture 1/2 teaspoon glycerin

4 oz. water

20 drops tea tree essential oil 40 drops lavender essential oil 16 drops cedarwood essential oil

Pour vanilla and sage tincture, water and glycerin into a jar, add essential oils, cap and shake. Apply deodorant mixture onto a cotton swab or cloth and rub into underarms for cleaning and neutralizing body odor. You can also put the deodorant into a spray bottle and spray mist underarms. Makes 8 oz.

Note: Make vanilla tincture with 10 vanilla bean pods and 10 oz. of pure grain alcohol or as high-proof an alcohol as you can find. If you are using 190 proof alcohol add 2 oz. of water to the alcohol. The vanilla resins need a menstrum with a high alcohol and low water content to be efficiently extracted. Follow Directions for Alcohol Tinctures Using Dried Herbs. This will give you enough vanilla tincture for several batches of deodorant, and some to use in food preparations. This vanilla extract is much more potent and delicious than the store-bought extracts and is worth making if only for the sole purpose of food flavoring.

Make sage tincture using fresh sage leaves and 100 proof vodka and follow Directions for Alcohol Tinctures Using Fresh Herbs.

Herbal-Infusion and Spirit Deodorants. These deodorants, which combine water extracts of herbs with alcohol, are quick and satisfying to make, and offer a ready means of accessing the cleansing and deodorizing properties of various herbs. The possibilities for creating effective customized deodorants by this method are vast. You will need to plan ahead for the time the herbal infusion needs to steep, usually from 1 to 8 hours. Refer to the Directions for Infusions for detailed instructions on pp. 218-219. Note that these deodorants are mild, and the addition of essential oils enhances their deodorizing effects. The following formulas can also be used as mouth rinses.

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