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Recreate the day-spa feeling in the comfort of your own home with a professional-quality wax-warming system from Veet. Viva la summer!


Get pampering this weekend, thanks to Veet Spawax.

The Spawax Kit includes delicious Purple Lily and Sugar Fig fragranced wax discs that give you silky-smooth legs, underarms and bikini lines. No longer a tricky situation, the process is simple and enjoyable – and there won’t be any waxy mess afterwards! With the pod’s red glow giving off relaxed vibes, it’s the ultimate beauty experience.

What beauty feels like

Veet Spawax

Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit, $59.99; Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Refills in two fragrances

Purple Lily and Sugar Fig or White Orchid and Vanilla, $14.99.

Veet Spawax has two refills with six stripless wax discs. Use four for half legs, one for your bikini line and one for underarms. The only trouble is deciding what fragrance to pick! Choose from Purple Lily and Sugar Fig, or White Orchid and Vanilla.


Quick, convenient and oh-so easy in just four steps.

STEP 1 Place the wax discs inside the pot and turn it on. Veet Spawax melts and heats the wax to its ideal temperature in 30 minutes, staying at that level.

TEP 2 Next up, scoop the wax on to the spatula and apply a layer of wax that’s the thickness if an orange peel in the direction of your hair regrowth.

STEP 3 Leave for 30-60 seconds or until the wax becomes dry to touch. Holding your skin tight, ull the strip back against the direction of hair growth.

STEP 4 When you’re all done, clean away any wax residue using some used wax or baby oil. Voila!

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