Vera Wang Inspired Updo

So This our next hairstyle in our little mini series on runway inspired hair and once again I started with an inspiration and then I went the complete opposite direction um this was gonna be Vera Wang and it was going to be very like pulled back here is gonna be very rocker was my original intention but then it started getting a little s and then I kind of got sidetracked because I love s inspired hair tutorial or hairstyles and. So I just kind of kept going with it and now it basically is like something it’s all wood we’re. So cool um I really like it. So I’ll not upset that it went the opposite direction but Vera Wang was my original inspiration that got me here just. So you guys know and I’ll link the show in the description box I am kind of failing right now getting accurate hairstyles late I will try to do better in my next tutorials promise um but.

Vera Wang Inspired Updo Photo Gallery

I do hope you guys like this I like it a lot I’ll an awesome at next tutorial wha bye start by separating the hair in front of your ears on either side and you can do this with that with whatever part you want the salad was going to do how to middle part and then this ended up changing and this sale might actually look best with a side part. So just go with whatever you like to do and separate the hair from your occipital bone up and just clamp it out of the way and then create a ponytail with the rest of the hair which will be the hair at the nape of your neck that way you we’re going to work with that later. So we’ve got this all sectioned out and ready to work with then you’re going to go ahead and pull this front section back just pull one section at a time because we’re doing the middle it doesn’t really matter basically you’re going to pull this straight back and then you want to pin actually vertically crisscross your pins. So I went up and now.

I’ll going down and locking those two pins together to make sure that they’re held really nicely then we’re going to go ahead and do the same thing with the other side you want to make sure that you’re also shaping the front to flatter your face and however you like and again we’re going to pin up and as you’re pinning up you’re going to pin into the other bobby pins that we’ve already done pin down and again pin into those other bobby pins. So we’re really locking the style down now I’ll going to tease this hair and using it in sections. So that I can get lots and lots of all United three sections for the entire on top of my head that I had sectioned out right there. So it was a lot of teasing see yes lots of teasing and then you’re going to just go ahead and smooth the top down you can do that with a brush or comb and then you’ll see what I do right here is to kind of pinch the bottom right above the ponytail in and that kind of created that awesome bumps bubbly effect that you see. So often in s hairstyles and then again I brought another one in and pinned it any kind of want to lock those two pins together as well. So again we’re locking our pins and then this back part you can do whatever you want with it if you only have a little hair play around what they do what you like but This what.

I ended up doing I loops the top of the hair like. So I could hide the bobby pins. So I just created a little loop like I normally do in a lot of my tutorials and pins through the bottom of that loop right into those bobby pins that I would use to create that little bump. So again we’re crisscrossing our bobby pins and locking that hairstyle down and I made another loop and again pinned into the previous bobby pins and then when I did with the rest was just to create kind of an interesting little bun I went ahead and twisted it and ice twisted it under to secrete kind of a cool effect to where the to where the loop and the twist met and then I held that in place and pinned up there it helps if you’re going to create kind of an interesting shape to pin at every little section that you can. So I went ahead and held that there and pendant and I pinned upward. So that I guess what pinned it to the previous pins. So that they’re really holding there and then again I twisted it and I brought it underneath. So I open zigzagging with this and I think for most hair links This where you’re going to stop I’ll probably not going to be able to have much more hair to work with after that. So go ahead and twist it and put it in place but if you are like me and you have an obscene amount of hair you can go ahead and twist some more and I actually brought it between those first two loops and pin it in place pinning into the previous bobby pins like I have been doing this whole tutorial to get a really nice tight style that’s going to stay all day I hope you guys like this I hope you play around with it and really make it Europe and just do it yourself um. So yeah I hope you guys like this I’ll see my next post bye.

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