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As has been said, Afro hair is the same as all human hair in its basic structure and composition. But it is also very different from the hair of other races and it should not be treated the same. In its natural state, it must be styled and worn differently from other hair types in all ways and at all times to avoid damaging it. Likewise, we must not expect the same results promised for Caucasian or Asian hair on the back of a shampoo bottle when dealing with tight Afro curls!

Understand that the same tight curls that make African distinctively beautiful also makes it prone to dryness and knotting around itself and around the teeth of combs or brushes used to look after it. These factors also make Afro hair prone to breakage. All hair is elastic and that means it can stretch quite considerably to add even 25 per cent more length and return to its original shape and length without damage. But where tight Afro curls are present combing and pulling causes more damage to Afro hair, pulling it past the point of elasticity until it starts to change structure and eventually it breaks. Failure to note this can result in horrible damage and breakage that leaves hair impossible to manage and looking dull and coarse and permanently short in length.

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The same curls that make our hair so beautiful are also responsible for the difficulty of looking after it.

Do not automatically apply what you read about other types of hair to Afro hair – it could spell disaster. It just does not always translate as you have already realized if you are reading this blog!

Do not be afraid to explore and be creative with natural Afro hair once you understand the basic

‘‘dos’‘ and “don’ts’‘ of healthy hair. Afro hair care in today’s world is still evolving to explore and incorporate old traditions in new ways.

Three challenges of natural Afro hair This is the crux of this post.

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