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After showering, wrap hair gently in a towel, choose and apply the correct amount of styling product and then blow-dry. Very short hair cuts women Damp hair that is moisture-laden will help styling products work better, and you will achieve better results.

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It was an incredible experience being surrounded by a solid, motivated and supportive group of people. And we all won our fights! DARK DAYS & A NEW CHAPTER Everything was going well, and with the help of makeupy, ‘clean’ eating and fitness I would kept the black dog at bay for almost seven years. But depression can sneak up on you when you least expect it. In April 2016, I injured my other knee, again playing netball. This time it was a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Suddenly, I wasn not able to exercise, which I found really tough; I would been relying on exercise to help me with my mental makeup. I hadn not been in bad shape this time in fact, I was in my best shape ever so it felt even more unfair. Before I knew it, the black dog was back at my heel. Initially, I tried physio in an attempt to get my knee right, hoping I wouldn not need surgery, but after an MRI in May, I was told it needed reconstruction. The surgery took place in July.

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