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We’re soul mates,’ said Victoria Beckham, seven years ago. Over the course of their 18-year marriage, Vic has often described husband David and herself as being meant for each other – which is why we’re feeling pretty sad that the pair are reportedly still working through some issues. According to a close friend, a series of recent events have put strain on the couple. But, in true Victoria fashion, she’s said to be more determined than ever that the pair will pull through. It can’t be easy for Victoria and David at the moment.

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Victoria, 43, is said to be busier than ever with her fashion empire, while David, 42, is jetting all over the world working on business deals. Then there’s the fact that eldest son Brooklyn has recently moved across the pond to New York. As Look has been reporting, both Vic and David have been expressing how much they miss Brooklyn, while the 18 year old himself has been posting some pretty emosh Instagram stories and posts. ‘Victoria really is at breaking point with the emotional stress of the past few months,’ explains a close pal. ‘On the one hand, she’s really struggling to come to terms with Brooklyn moving away – which has been a constant source of stress and pain for her – then there’s the fact that she and David have been so busy recently that they haven’t had time to bond and give each other the attention they deserve.’ But while Brooklyn’s departure is said to have added to the pair’s stress, David’s new group of mates is also causing some discontent.

According to reports, David has been partying with 30-year-old Lady Mary Charteris (both Vic and David were introduced by David’s BFF Dave Gardner). Lady Mary is big on the London social circuit, and Vic was said to be irritated by David’s partying when she has had the busiest time of the year following New York Fashion Week. ‘Victoria has taken it really badly,’ reveals an insider. ‘She trusts David – but it’s more about the fact she wants to be spending more time as a couple and she just hasn’t got much time to let her hair down right now.

Her business is growing and everything is moving very fast.’ We’re really feeling for her, she’s worked hard to get where she is – Vic’s plans for 2018 include more shops, adding to her beauty range and she’s hinted at some exciting new projects. But one thing we’re now told is at the forefront of her mind is to inject some fun back into her relationship – yes, V’s going to put in more holiday time for both the couple and the family. ‘She’s told David they need to work on things and that’s why they hit the town for date night last week,’ explains a friend. ‘It was Vic’s way of demonstrating that she fully intends to make the marriage the centre of David and her worlds. Her view is they should be making their own fun and not finding it on the party scene or in night clubs.’ We’ve got to hand it to the couple, in Vic’s Instagram stories, they did look seriously cute enjoying some one-onone time in what appeared to be LA, and we’re loving the family pics, too. More please…

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