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Now today we’re going to show you how to do a Viking Braid Hairstyle which is really really cool it’s been going around the internet. So we thought I’d show you how to do it my way. So lets get started! So the first thing, I did was to crimp her whole entire hair.

And I used the crimper. And if, I you want to know what kind of crimper, I used, I’ll leave a link in the description box below for that as well as the crimper spray, I use, I’ll leave a link in description box for that too to protect her hair okay? Okay. I’m gonna go ahead.

And separate from here to here, about to where the end of her eyebrow is. right here. I’m gonna section that off from there.

And then, I’m going to section off on the other side the same way. Okay. I created it like a rectangular box on top of her head okay to the back of her head right here okay.

I’m going to go ahead. And take this. And just set it to the side for now clip it out of the way.

And, I’m going to work on taking this section right here from the ear. I’m gonna grab all of this that part here. And the same amount on the other side over here okay now, I’m just gonna go ahead.

And gather it together comb it smooth. Now she has some small parts over here that’s okay, I’m just gonna spray it with hairspray later after, I’m all done. Okay.

So now that, I have it all together, I’m going to go ahead. And secure it off with an elastic band. Now, I’m gonna go ahead.

And let this go. Now we’re gonna work on the top. I’m gonna go.

And tease this part right here. So it gives some volume. smooth just the top part up here.

Smooth it. Now, I’m just gonna go ahead. And we’re just gonna go.

And do a French Braid. Just gonna braid just the top part right here. You could do a Dutch braid, a French braid, a fishtail whatever you like.

But we’re just gonna go ahead. And do a French braid on it. If you go back.

So a French braid, I’ll there’s a link in the description box below. Okay. So when, I do this French braid it’s gonna be a very loose French Braid.

It’s not even going to be a tight one just very very loose, I’m gonna go. And split that in half. And the other on this side.

So now that, I have this done, I might just go ahead. And puff up a little bit just to give that extra volume on top. Just kind of want to look kind of want it to look like a mohawk on here then, I’m going to go ahead.

And add the rest of this hair here that, I put into a ponytail with my braid, I’m gonna go. And just pull the sides here just a little bit secure it off. And, I’m just gonna go ahead.

And just pull these out. Then, I’m gonna go. And take her one side here.

And braid two sections. Ok, Im gonna take this section. And just take it.

And braid it. And before, I go down even further, I’m just gonna pull on every other stitch just random, randomly just pull it secure it off with an elastic band. take another section.

And do the same thing then, I’m gonna do the same thing, I did on this side over on the other side, I’ll be right back. Okay. So now, I got the braids all in place.

it looks like Just gonna go ahead. And puff this up a little more. Some hairspray.

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