Vintage Bohemian Updo the Quick And Easy Way

Hey everyone today I’ll here to show you how to do this pretty bohemian updo it’s easy you can do it in three steps and I think it’s great for dressing up just like an everyday outfit or even wearing out for a formal occasion I actually kind of even like this for like a vintage II themed wedding I think it’s got that cool vintage element to it I really like this hairstyle and it is just. So easy. So without any further ado I’ll just going to show you how to do it step one we’re gonna make some texture we want some big loose bohemian curls to give that bohemian edge. So you have two options if you have curly or wavy hair use the hairdryer with it defuse your attachment like the Conair eye on shiny teen or if you have straight hair you can use hot rollers like the Conair I own shine heat setters I love these you can start by wrapping the hair that’s closest to the scalp around each of the rollers and then clip it with the clips that come along with the set now.

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I love these Clips because you can heat them up. So you get heat on both sides of your hair which for a long hair is amazing now I love these because getting texture can take a long time when you have really straight hair with these you can send them for five minutes and then wait for minutes read a book drink some coffee then you can take them out and look beautiful curls and you didn’t have to spend forever doing them alright step two we’re going to pony up it’s time to make some ponytails these are going to be the base we’re going to use kinnaras poly bands we’re gonna create the base for our buns we’re going to make five ponytails I want you to start on the very left and start at the bottom right at the nape of your neck at the left and then you’re going to make your next ponytail you’re going to go up about two inches we’re just going to make a new row you’re gonna make that just slightly to the right of that first one and then your third one is going to be right in the middle the back of your neck and you’re going back down to the bottom row for that one.

So we’re kind of like zigzagging up and down number four is gonna go back up again to that second row and your last one is back against the nape of your neck This just going to create a nice little shape for our buns then you can loosen up the top just to create some volume and some texture get that nice bohemian feel and here’s a little look at what it can look like without the buns This just going to make sure that you don’t get too tight and too rigid step three is twisted bun we’re going to make some little buttons using Conair secure hold bobby pins you’re going to twist each of the ponytails in one direction and then wrap them in that same direction and make sure you tuck the tail of that ponytail underneath the bun then you can pin once vertically and once horizontally and then anymore is easy. So essentially that’s all you’re going to do in this step for twist the bun is just twist each of these little ponytails into a bun make sure you don’t twist it too tight you still want us to be nice and loose and bohemian and that’s it you’re done you.

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