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Vitiligo is a condition of the skin whereby white patches of skin are formed all around the body when the skin loses its normal color. It is caused by cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for the regular skin colors, being destroyed. Vitiligo can also affect mucous membranes and the eyes of a person.
The real or exact cause of Vitiligo is unknown, for there are numerous opinions, research, and ideas about this matter. Some researchers have the view that it is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system of a person starts attacking some parts of the body. The cells generally attacked are the melanocytes, although further research indicates that it may be brought about by a person’s genetic makeup.
Further studies into this disease, show that it may be caused by: the melanocytes destroying themselves, events such as severe sunburns, and also emotional distress. However, there is no proof that these factors are the real or actual causes of Vitiligo.

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