Black may have a slimming effect but it also drains the colour from your face and v can make you look old. If you want to wear a dark colour, navy blue or brown are both more flattering to older skin tones.

Avoid dressing head to toe in black, as it is not only funereal and ageing, but it will also emphasize a sallow complexion. Black worn with acid brights is also a bad colour combo, and often ends up looking cheap and tarty.


I am not sure exactly where in the heart that pooling could take place, because when Doc said fatal, I couldn’t take those pills fast enough. No, it is not on the list of my favorite things to do every day. But that little pill lessens the chances of coagulation, which lessens the possibility of a stroke. The drawback here is that any part of the body especially hands, arms, legs, also are susceptible to bruising. So, not only are there brown liver spots to deal with, there are also nice, dark blue spots, which eventually change into a rainbow of stormy colors: purplish black, reddish yellow, and pukey green. And they are usually much bigger, which, on the bright side, overshadows those pesky brown spots. The key here is to avoid anything with claws. Dogs for instance. My relative is dogs seem attracted to me, and ofen rake their claws along my arms and hands as I reach out to give them treats. Admittedly, they are a bit more aggressive when I do not give them treats.

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