Hi everyone, it’s Justine and today’s post includes guests: it’s gonna be a really fun one, you will see let’s go! Hunchback? Of Notre-Dame? There’s a lot of booty in this one this one. Oh God. Wow. Hi! Thank you so much for being here today. Nina you are from Brazil. Yes. My name is Aileen. Hannah. Julie. Dianna Cowern. Hannah Witton. Isabella. Sierra. I’m from LA. Toronto, Canada. Austria. Hawai. Mexico. The UK. San Diego. Today we’re gonna be doing VOGUE poses: you might even know some of them, they’re like some mythical VOGUE poses that made history. I mean I do physics so I might not know any of them. I will give you some indications as you go, right, and if you need help I might come in. Okay. Okay I’m probably gonna need it, I don’t know much at all about posing. Oh now I’m worried, as if it’s gonna be very difficult. Okay? Okay. Cool, let’s try it. We’re starting with a warm-up, this is the first pose. Oh wow okay whoo Alright, she’s got her hip like super far out.. and then she’s kind of like. I look nothing like her. So I have an excuse. Brazilians know how to. Yeah yeah, work our bodies. The hip popped a little bit, right? More pop?? Oh that hurts. How come I don’t look that thin? I don’t look like that at all, I’m like I need longer legs. there we go Hips out more! Yeah I mean that’s as far as my hip can go out. Oh back and up. There we go, that’s it! Next one: pose number 2. This is more like. How do you. That this is not real. This is not really happening, that’s Photoshop, right?


You. like she’s tipping up her toes. And her legs are straight. I don’t know how she’s staying up there. Comfortable? Nope! Bum out! She’s really working it. Super easy, I could spend the whole day here. Imagine trying to do that in heels as well. Got it. Whoo it’s like a workout. Now a bit more complicated because that was just a warm-up. Hmm okay. This looks better. I think it’s just like this. How is it? This is yoga, we’re doing yoga now. What? I can’t see what she’s doing with the other hand but it’s something like like what I’m gonna fall. I feel like a broken baby doll, like someone just took their Barbie doll and just And this has to become like this. Your hair needs to be on one side Right. I think I nailed this one This, like, comes here. This isthe typical model pose, right? Arch your back, more. more MORE You only see one elbow. Oh what’s happening, where. where’s the other hand, right? Not even close. I know what she’s doing, she looks like she’s leaning back, too ? Oh yes. right oh. So this one is actually going like this. oh okay okay. The hips are going forward a lot more. Yep! The hips are forward. The hips are forward. I don’t know where this hand is, I don’t know what she’s doing with this hand. That one just disappeared. This is an awkward one. The back is much more yeah hunch? Hunchy? I don’t know how to say. Hunchbacked?.

This feels incredibly uncomfortable. Great! Yeah? Okay, I give my best. I mean it looks great on that photo but this not natural at all..need to do it the other side, to make it symmetrical. Oh come on.! The knees need to be closer to each other. Yeah easy for you to say Justine. she’s standing literally on her..on her toes, like a ballerina. so. Hunchback? Of Notre-Dame? Do I look like a model yet? I think my center of gravity is too high. Arched but hips forward, I see a reoccurring theme. Hips forward but back arched. Like this? God, that hurts! I cannot stand like this. I should be like this, like Michael Jackson. You’re enjoying this? Totally. This one looks like it could be easy. I say that, okay. like your hands are kind of in your pockets. and Okay. That one it’s a very pretty picture but like. The physics of this one doesn’t make sense to me! The hands are in. further back. can’t. How do I make that hole?? Just shaking. How long do you think you can hold that pose? Like maybe 15 more seconds, but I’d be really mad at you if you made me do that. Justine, you should do this. You have this really long neck and you’re like. So I tried before, it didn’t go well. I feel like an old lady who broke my back and I’m walking, like, trying to hold it. So her hips are forward, more than this. And then the elbows are back more than that.

You can feel me shaking. and then you pull your neck up and you look straight. Does that look easy now? I think that’s one of hardest ones. Yeah. Hips forward. I think this is as far as they go. Relax, shoulders down. Relax?? I’m shaking, this is so hard I’m shaking! I feel like I’m doing like a yoga class or workout. I’m getting dizzy. We have a last one okay? That? Oh my gosh. I hope she probably does ballet or dancing She looks, like, so put together. Easy. Great, we’re jumping now. Alright, so let me get the pose first before I try to do the jump. This way, right? That’s my favorite one. That one is actually fun. Her upper body is really strange so. So effortless. Effortless,. Just a walk through the park. Did that work? Nailed it! Huh manufactured it feels very contorted, contrived, not natural, not free. Oh I love looking at fashion, they look great but when I do it it’s like: oh my god you should stop this right now! It’s terrible. I mean there was that one pose, I thought it was gonna be easy, I’ll just stick my hips out but then I’m missing half the space.! It’s like her arm is back here. I feel like there is an element of art in the pictures but also an element of fantasy and something that is created only for for an image, not for real life. I think it I would you look at those pictures I think: when you look at those pictures, it’s like oh they look so, like, calm. and relaxed. and obviously having a great time and then a dessert. No just kidding. Now I’m thinking about like what’s going on behind their eyes, like. please! Let it end! It does hurt. It hurts. I’m gonna start looking at the magazines and wonder how is this girl breathing and how how many times did she have to jump? I gotta go into a hot tub and relax. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this post! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was really, really, really fun to post. I hope you enjoyed it as well and I will see you soon again, take care, bye!.

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