Voluminous Curls inspired by the Capitol of the Hunger Games

This our second capital inspired hairstyle and I notice a lot in the capital I guess one of the trends that was going on there was that they had these curls that were really teased out of poofy looking like Fe had really tight curls but then a lot of people just had that very avant-garde teased out like triangle-shaped curl and. So I wanted to kind of do a little bit more of a retro and a little bit more of a wearable interpretation of that. So This it’s something that you could actually wear if you wanted to be really um retro inspired and just kind of go that way I think it’s really pretty it’s a nice way to get some really bloomin his hair for people with very thin here like me too. So you have that problem This a really good way because This fairly voluminous hair for somebody with this thin affairs I knew it’s awesome. So I hope you guys like this.

Voluminous Curls inspired by the Capitol of the Hunger Games Photo Gallery

I hope This fun This. So nice and summery and pretty I hope you guys try it out and I’ll see my next post well I ok I know this tutorial is not going to be for everyone just keep in mind that I wanted to experiment a little with this one alright. So you’re going to take the top section of hair and curl it whichever way you want your hair to fall I like my hair to fall to the left. So I curled it to my left obviously is to the right in this post but left alright and then you’re going to curl in a horizontal sections away from the faces you’re going to go in a horizontal section that goes around the head circling that first one that we did you can see.

I’ll using a curling iron and this one that’s because you can do this with hot rollers or a curling iron whichever one you have or want to use a curling iron is going to give you a little bit better hold but I use hot rollers because my hair had just been through a lot that day now you might notice This actually the same thing the same curl pattern that I use for my s pinup curls as because I like this for getting a nice retro look to your hair it was a curl pattern that I really enjoyed that day when I was filming. So I just decided to keep using it then you’re going to go down another level and create one more level of horizontal sectioning around your head with the curls going away from your face basically that’s all.

You’re doing is making that one top one and then just radiating around your head and horizontal sections curling away from the face until you have all the hair incorporated and then you’re going to let it sit and cool until it’s completely cool and you don’t feel any more heat on your hair whether that’s been from it’s been an acrylic and you pinned it against your hair or whether it was sitting in hot rollers and the hot rollers are now cool and then you just go ahead and let your hair down and let it fall naturally and then once it’s all done you can give it a little bit of spray to help it hold a little bit more but then make sure that if you give it some hairspray that you let the hairspray completely dry before we move on to anything else the next set that you want to make those kind of frizzy luminous curls is you’re going to brush through the hair and you can even finger through and pull it curls apart you can see that’s giving me a lot of peace eNOS and a lot of volume because you’re kind of making the curls stand against each other. So you’re adding a lot of bulk to the hair. So that’s the first thing you can do but if you want even more volume you can actually back brush through the skirt of your hair you take a brush and you brush backwards from the ends towards the roots and the more you do that the bigger it’s going to get. So do you pretty much decide how big you want your style to be there it can either be really crazy or just you know a little bit more voluminous and then I decided to take my front hair back and pin it with a little flower I just thought that would be pretty and retro and I kind of like the little adornment there. So that’s it like I said Thisn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but some of you guys I think are really gonna like this and I hope you guys try it out I will see you in my next post bye.

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