Voluminous Mermaid Curls Inspired By Shakira

With a tutorial on these kind of voluminous mermaidy boho curls these were inspired from me by Shakira’s hair in her music post for Empire I loved the song and loved the hair. So I had to show you guys how to do it we’re gonna start out by volumizing now I put in a couple of extensions just to match the volume and the link that she had but I’ll show you at the end what my hair looks like without them just. So you know now I’ll gonna add a little bit of root lift spray just to the crown of my head to add some lift and then.

Voluminous Mermaid Curls Inspired By Shakira Photo Gallery

I’ll actually blow-drying that roof lift spray kind of in every direction to add a lot of volume to my roots you can do this on dry hair or wet hair you just want to make sure that you had that kind of windswept volume at the crown of your head now we’re going to talk about how to curl the lowest layers of the hair. So you’re going to let down about two inches of hair and then separate the rest up with the clip then you’re going to take another two inch section from there and wrap the hair around it now I’ll using a one inch barrel for this and I’ll doing it at about degrees once you let it off either catch the hair as it comes off the iron to keep it in kind of that curled State or you can wrap it around two fingers after you’ve kind of let it off the iron either way you’re going to have it in kind of a donut shape and you need to wind that donut shape up put it right against your head and clip it in place. So that it can cool there a lot of times we think that the curl is actually formed when the hair is heated up but your curl actually forms when your hair cools. So you get a much stronger curl whenever you pin it up and the reason that I like it for this hairstyle is because it creates a more circular curl rather than an S wave and when you look at Shakira’s hair is more of a curl that it is a wave. So this kind of helps you get that curled shape rather than accidentally having a wave from your hair kind of falling out while it’s cooling now we’re going to work with the top layers of your hair. So go in sections until you reach about your temple area and then you’re going to switch your method up. So once you reach the temple area of your hair you’re going to take somewhat smaller sections that way we get a little bit of a tighter curl.

I’ll just going to wrap the ends of the hair around the iron. So basically from the middle of the hair out gets wrapped around then count to five once you’ve counted to five you’re going to wind it up. So that the roots also get on the iron and then count to five again and then you can take this off then you’re going to go ahead and kind of roll it up and pin it up against the head as well now the reason that we do This because whenever you heat up the hair it breaks your hydrogen bonds in your hair now that happens anytime your hair gets hot or wet. So it’s not as drastic as it sounds and then when you pin it up and when it cools the hydrogen bonds reform. So basically what that ends up meaning is that the hotter that you get the hair the tighter the curl is going to be. So when you do the ends first and then you go ahead and wrap up the roots second that means you’re going to have a tighter curl on the ends than at the roots then just continue following this method in sections until you’ve incorporated all.

The hair and doing this allows us to really incorporate different textures and by mixing up different textures you add volume and you add interest to the style because the ends of your hair are going to have some popping curls like you’re going to be able to see those curls really nicely and then your roots are gonna have some great volume from warming them up and giving them that just subtle gentle curl it avoids having that really terrible like ring liddie look up top but get you those great curls on the bottom. So you have a perfect balance. So now we’re going to finish off by releasing and styling our curls now you just need to let out your clips or bobby pins or whatever you use to hold your hair up and once you’ve got all this release you’re basically just going to kind of tousle your hair around. So you can kind of shake your hair around like this or you can comb your fingers through it some of you guys might find that you get some frizz when you comb your fingers through it. So just do like a test curl and if you find you get frizz just shake your hair instead of combing your hair your fingers through it and you’ll kind of avoid the frizz that way then what I’ll going to do is take some hairspray and flip my hair over and just spray it and scrunch this helps to get that nice tight curl on the ends to really pop and it helps to add a little bit of volume as well then just flip it back over and kind of arrange your curls and guess what you are done now I absolutely love this hair for summertime I think it’s just that perfect effortless but dramatic curl I love it now if you want to see it without the extensions I’lla pull em out right now and I just wanted to put these in just kind of to match the original hairstyle but also show those you guys with thick hair or that might own extensions what it would look like if you use them. So anyway This my natural hair with it and I still think it’s super pretty anyway I hope you guys try this out I hope you like it and I will see you guys in my next post I love you very much muah bye.

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