Vomiting During Pregnancy

Vomiting during pregnancy

It can be seen from time to time during pregnancy, but usually the first few months are the worst of the typical morning vomiting. The taste sensation increases during pregnancy. Regarding this, it may be good to chew a piece of ginger root, you can drink a cup of ginger tea or a cup of ginger. Other treatments are light-headed daisies and lemon verbena teas, cinnamon sticks, and crystallized ginger.

Some women relax with a flat, dry biscuit for a long time or by eating a piece of refreshing fruit. Try to trust your body and your taste to produce your own solutions.

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Digestibility Difficulty

This situation can become worse as the fetus grows and pressurizes. Eat smaller and more frequent meals: freshly squeezed fruit instead of meals when needed for watering; Remember that fatty, fried, hot and spicy foods and sparkling drinks make digestion harder. You can relax immediately after chewing by chewing a few fennel seeds or adding a spoon of coriander to your food.

Stand up for at least 20 minutes after the meal and after a heavy meal do not lie down or sleep.

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