Keep a bottle of toning eye make-up remover in the fridge, and use the solution to gently clean your eyes in the morning. The chilled remover will help de-puff the eyes as well as clean.


It was far too dangerous for the casual traveller; it was like the Wild West. Everyone – everyone – was armed with a knife, a machete, or a sword; or with a club; or with guns. The Philippines was a hard country to enter before Marcos arrived and it was hard to live in when you got there. There were more murders in the dockside Ermita district in a month than the whole of New York in a year; and this was the early 1970s when New York was being touted as Gomorrah, with its drug wars and street gangs and gun slayings dominating the news. People were fleeing New York, but they certainly weren’t fleeing to the Philippines. The only people that went to Manila in those days were Merchant Navy seaman, American troops on R&R from Vietnam, and businessmen from America and Japan. The tourist industry stayed away – everyone stayed away unless they had to go. The Filipinos are small and tough and mostly charming, but they can also be indescribably vicious and callous. Three thousand years of feuding warlords, a brutal climate, a mix of Spanish and Malay blood, and a century of US dominance interrupted by a cruel Japanese occupation, has given the people a curious cocktail of laid back manyana attitude and prickly pride that can suddenly detonate into violence. They can be sweet and generous, happy and laughing and sharing.

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