You Want to Feel Pretty Again

You feel drab and unattractive.
You have just experienced an illness or an emotional trauma and you feel that your looks have changed irrevocably.
You see little that you like when you look in the mirror.
You find yourself focusing on all that is negative.
If you find yourself obsessing over wrinkles in the mirror, perhaps your bathroom lighting is too cruel. Work to create lighting that is more flattering to you. Try a lower-wattage bulb for starters. Airplane bathrooms have notoriously unflattering mirrors. Every pore and wrinkle stands out so loud and clear that you cannot help but fixate on your imperfections. Remember, we all have imperfections, and we must simply accept them as part of who we are.
I use daylight as much as possible. My bathroom at home is designed to allow in as much natural light as possible. Mirrors are an important consideration, too. I once lived in an apartment where the mirror sat tilted on the floor at the most flattering angle (I was too busy to hang it properly). Every day just before going out, I would look at myself in the mirror and get a boost. It made me look tall and thin, and even though I knew the lie of the mirror, it always put me in a good mood.
If you have just suffered an illness or an emotional upset, it’s a good idea to take some time for yourself. Go on a trip to visit an old friend or a favorite relative. Go alone or with a best friend to a spa for a week, or commit to a new exercise program that will boost your energy. Most important, do not feel selfish for lavishing attention on yourself. You need and deserve it now more than ever.
There are other times, however, when the only thing that works is to put your beauty on hold. Just ignore it. You need this time to reflect and do anything but dwell on your looks. In times of trouble, beauty shouldn’t be your number-one priority. When you are ready, you can go back to it.

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