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Hi my friends, today I will make a one brand makeup tutorial using Wardah cosmetics Since people who use Wardah cosmetics are mostly my muslim friends So I thought I would make a hijab makeup look as well Although we are of different race and beliefs, we should still value and respect each other Also I hope I can help my muslim friends look prettier Let’s start the makeup Today I will be using Wardah Exclusive Liquid Foundation As usual, I will apply it on my face and blend with foundation brush Although they said this is Wardah’s best foundation, but I think it makes our base makeup look heavy and oily.

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So don’t use too much of it Also this product don’t stay well on my face, so I need to lock it with powder Since I couldn’t find Wardah’s concealer, I’m just gonna use my maybelline one I’m applying the concealer at my dark circles, glasses mark around my nose my chin, nose bridge and forehead I will blend it with flat foundation brush I will dab it into my face so the product will absorb well in my skin and give more coverage I don’t live in Jakarta and Wardah’s product is quite limited in the city where I live That’s why I need to use other brands in this post it’s okay right? :) Now I’m applying eyeshadow base/primer. It helps our eyeshadows stay longer and the colour stay true After that, I will curl my eyelashes and apply mascara Now I’m gonna apply false lashes, For this makeup look we want to use a long and curled false lashes Since I’m Chinese, my eyes are small and double eyelids are thin I need help from eyelid tape to help my eyelid appear thicker and my eyes look bigger I prefer using eyelid tape after apply false lashes because with this technique we will know where to put the eyelid tape And BAM! My eyes instantly look bigger This is the eyeshadow palette that I choose from Wardah I will apply the grey colour first on my eyelid as my base colour.

Next I’m taking this dark purple colour and apply it on the outer V of our eye Wardah’s eyeshadows are quite pigmented and the quality is quite good also Now I’m taking light purple colour and apply at the centre of my eye This will create a gradient eyeshadow and make our eyes makeup look prettier I’m going to blend them together so there would not be any harsh line Don’t forget to apply eyeshadow on the lower eye I’m taking dark purple colour and apply it on the bottom of my eye Don’t be afraid to apply a generous amount of it because we want this look to be a little bit smokey I’ve seen Blogger from Jakarta using pen eyeliner from Wardah but I couldn’t find it here So I bought the liquid eyeliner this product doesn’t really suit me because it is too watery our lashes gets really wet and dry up really slowly Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of mascara on lower lashes because we want our upper and lower lashes look balance I don’t have any white eyeshadow from Wardah, so I’m just gonna use it from my naked 3 palette Apply it on our brow bone and inner eye corner to make our makeup look cleaner and bright Now it’s time draw our eyebrows! I’m quite lucky I get to find this eyebrow pencil because it seems hard to find for others.

This eyebrow pencil is quite easy to use and the colour is also quite pigmented As you all can see, this makeup will look weird without eyebrows on I will clean it up by applying concealer It’s time to use blusher I really like this colour because it compliments my eye makeup really well I will also use my own bronzer because Wardah don’t have it I will contour my cheek bone, jaw line, temples to help my face appear slimmer Although this step look very simple but it makes a huge different for the makeup Choose a bronzer that is 2 or 3 shade darker than our skin to make it looks natural I will also contour my nose to make it taller and slimmer Since we will be wearing hijab, we want our features to stand out I’m gonna use a natural colour for the lips so our makeup won’t look too heavy This is essential nude no 19. This colour suits this makeup and blusher really well This is a matte lipstick but I don’t feel like it is matte, I think it is creamy Now I’m applying higlighter on my nose bridge and high point of my cheek I will apply powder to lock the makeup that we just applied We have done with the makeup and now I’m gonna wear hijab I’m sorry if the hijab looks weird because this is the first time I wear it Thank you everyone for reading I hope you all this this makeup look Don’t forget to like this post and comment to my blog.

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