Wave Braid Hairstyle using a Topsy Tail

Hi guys! My name is Kerry.

And this is my daughter Graycie. Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog Learn Do Teach hairstyles ! Today, I’ll be showing you how to do a wave braid using the Topsy tail tool. So let’s get started Okay, I’ve already started by putting her hair up into a ponytail.

Wave Braid Hairstyle using a Topsy Tail Photo Gallery

And I sectioned off the top part I’d say about three inches apart. And. I’m going to go ahead.

And release this with this part that, I sectioned off in half. I’ll clip this to the side just to get out of my way. I’m going to spray some water.

And gel just a tame her fly aways. if you want to know what kind of gel, I use, I’ll leave a link in the description box below okay,. So now, I’m going to just take a section of this part here.

Split it in three all, I’m gonna do is just do a lace braid. take it in equal parts do a stitch of a braid.

And then just take a piece from here. And add it to this section right here. And just keep adding when you do your lace braiding you just want to drop some of this braid, you don’t want to go all the way to the top, you just want to drop the braid down a little.

So it falls not way up high here but enough to fall over this line.

And then make sure that it’s going straight back. you want this section to lay right on this section here okay. So now that, I’m done, I’m just go ahead.

And just braid it all the way down to the end. once you’re done the braid take this section here that you put aside, you wanna bring it forward on top of this braid you want to wet it down a little you’re gonna section this in three equal parts. okay.

So you’ve got three equal parts you’re gonna take this first part right here you’re gonna take a top to tail. if you don’t have a TopsyTail, I’ll leave the link in the description box below but you could use the big one or the small one. I prefer the small one.

And what you’re going to is take this section right here this little knot, put the TopsyTail through now take this take it through here to the top to tail make sure it’s smooth now all you want to do is pull this whole entire hair through. Just like that. Same with this, this time you’re gonna skip three knots here.

you already used one, you got one two three, I’m gonna use this one right here fourth knot. And pull that through. you’re gonna do it one more time on this last one.

And it should look like. And it should look like this. okay? okay.

So now, I’m gonna wet the end part of this first one. And you wanna split it in three parts. you’re gonna take this one right here take your TopsyTail.

And you go right on the stitch. And bring the through the TopsyTail now hold your finger right here as you’re pulling this top to tail through. okay? don’t pull all the way through.

About that much. Just about to the finger okay? okay, now you’re going to do the same thing the next stitch, with the TopsyTail. again, if you have to use some gel or water go ahead.

And do. So okay, put it through pull it through you want it to be a finger away from the previous one okay? again the last one. I’m going to take right here pull right through now you’re going to take this whole entire strand.

And bring it right through here just be very careful When you pull it, just hold on to it. pull right through go ahead. And just loosen them out a little See how your S coming out? You’re gonna do the same thing, I did here with these stitches okay? splitting them in three.

And sliding them up Just wanna maintain that S okay, the last one, I’m gonna pull it right through same as, I did this gonna pull it right through Holding just this right here. And pulling it through without messing up that S figure now that, I’m on last one, I’m gonna take the rest of this. And, I’m gonna take an elastic band just to hold that braid into place with the ponytail l okay. So now, I’m going to take this here smooth it out, wet it down. And gel it.

And do the same pattern, I did with this now this is still loose. So you’re going to have to be very careful now, I’m going to go ahead. And just secure this off with an elastic band release this just go ahead.

And go back over it. And form your wave patterns to the way you like it. put a little hairspray There you have it! You guys are.

So awesome! Thanks for hanging out with us at the end! We have a request for you guys! In the comments, let us know where you’re from!, I thought it would be nice if Graycie learned a little bit about each of your countries. Some may know where we’re from but those who don’t We’re from Texas USA! don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And click the two hearts below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials which are on Thursdays. And Sundays We also have other posts over there Until next time, Learn It, Do It, And Teach It To Others! Bye Guys! Bye!.

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