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Even a beautiful woman is a victim of stereotypes

Fashion and beauty ties for women Today, men are getting used to being judged according to their appearance. Once upon a time, they were busy developing the body, and nowadays, hair extractions, tooth whitening, even penis transplantation are increasingly adopted. Yet it is different from the man who is categorized by the appearance of a woman.

While the male is basically assessed with success at the workplace, the female ornamental appearance is assessed. Unlike a man, a woman is bound twice, a beauty bond: it can be used to confirm that it is considered beautiful or ugly, and that it deserves the outer appearance. In both cases it has been reduced to a stereotype.

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If the woman is not attractive, she is deactivated because she is not feminine and desperate. Even if she is a good mother and a lady who proves she is a talented person without the slightest doubt, she does not have the basic essence of womanhood. If the woman is not charming and is not loved, then she deserves to be treated badly. Let’s take Linda Tripp: The media believed that constantly humiliating herself because of her outward appearance is an acceptable attitude. If it was good or if it was a man, then people would say a few days, do not know, for a week about Monica Lewinsky’s disgusting speech. Gloria Steinem wrote in a New York Times commentary, “I really would like to have the character transcribed,” he wrote. “But unfortunately it’s a bigger crime to listen to the secrets of a friend secretly (and to entertain the secrets of those in the bridge group).” Steinem quotes Tripp as self-indulgent because of media bottlenecks and ” I am responsible, and for this reason I am aesthetic surgery, “he says.

Likewise, Florida’s conservative republican interior minister, Katherine Harris, was insulted because it explicitly supported George W. Bush in the contested 2000 presidential elections, and it was an excess of makeup that pulled people out of the mainstream. The Washington Post fashion writer writes: “His lips were blackened with a red lipstick. It’s a creamy lipstick that spreads all over the coffee cup and leaves a stain on your shirt. The niece, like the walls of the war, was rough, powdered on plaster, and also a top coat. “Can you imagine that the press ridiculed by an unprofessional male politician attempting to hide his bald hair by failing? Even the most liberal journalists who saw mayor Rudy Giuliani as a tyrant before the attack on the World Trade Center had never fallen to this level. At the tables, an ugly woman is a bad witch, and a beautiful woman is a kindhearted woman. In real life, an ugly woman is a bad man, and a beautiful woman is a little frightening. Yes, even a beautiful woman is the victim of the stereotypes.

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