Ways to Be a Well-Being Woman

Ways to Be a Well-Being Woman

About Maintenance

I wanted to write about maintenance for weeks, but it was not easy. For a very simple reason: Care is taking so much time in my life that I do not have time to sit on the computer.

You know what maintenance is, I’m sure of that. Maintenance is something they say “after a certain time everything is patch patch”. Care is what you need to do before you leave your home to avoid hiding behind canned cots when you meet a boyfriend who has previously denied you.

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I do not want to mention this word. I have such two boyfriends that I have always faced for my encounter, but if I come across it, if I do, I have no way of knowing them. On top of that, they both live in other cities. However, the issue is that, from the time I get out of the house without riding, I always think of these two.

Of course there are two kinds of maintenance. There is a constant maintenance, the same things we have to do daily, weekly and monthly. Also, there are treatments you need to do once a month, once a year, once every two months. I see these as useless efforts to turn the time back. This category includes facial rejuvenation, liposuction, botox, severe dental procedures, and “Invisible Things,” the healing of varicose veins, the removal of drooping skin, the removal of red speckles after a certain age when there is no cause in the body. I will not talk about such matters here. For now, I will concentrate only on the routine operations that are done every day so that they do not seem to care about life anymore.

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