Ways to get perfect cuffs

Ways to get perfect cuffs


The eyelashes should be prominent, pointed and not thick, but long and fuller. Brush your lashes to prepare mascara and lightly powder. Bending eyelashes for a more chirpy appearance is also a frequently applied procedure. Apply your rimellizations in layers, several layers of fine mascara appear better than a single layer of dense rim.

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See below when riding mascara on your upper eyelashes. Apply the rimel brush to the tips of the eyelashes
Ia. Try to move outward in the inner corners, almost in the opposite direction of the growth of the fur. Then brush
move towards the eyelash and move the upper eyelashes from top to bottom and the lower eyelashes from top to bottom.
Mellor. This movement ensures both sides of the lashes are painted and lifts the lashes upwards.

Look up while painting the lower eyelashes; Use the brush up first, then down. From a dry floor
Do not drive the second. You may have to go many times until you reach the desired fill. The lashes
It is very important to separate them, if they are sticky and lumpy, separate them with a fine, clean eyelash brush.

Using eyelash curlers may be intimidating, but with very little experience you will see that your eyelashes create wonders. Curling the eyelashes opens the eyes and makes them look great. Place the curler on the roots of the eyelashes, close and open it several times and slowly continue to the edges.

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