Ways to lose weight without dieting

Ways to lose weight without dieting

I believe that close family ties and gathering around a table keeps the food that is eaten with the family healthy and heartwarming. The Mediterranean families live close to each other and even many generations spend their years together. Whereas, American families exhibit a picture of living apart from each other and living in different places. Physical proximity with the family provides emotional support by creating feelings of belonging and trust in every heart of the family.
Another good thing about the heart in the Mediterranean is to hit the emotions. Recent research has shown that stress does not mean anger and heartache hurts emotions.

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You can imagine that Italian families who express themselves with a loud voice will fully participate in it. Mediterranean women stand up and express their feelings in any situation and they continue their lives from where they left off. They do not create stress by avoiding talking and making any inquiries about any subject. They can easily express themselves because they know and feel who they are and their roles. Thus, they clearly carry out the hot relationships in their lives.

Educating the brain without training the heart is definitely not an education.

A friend recently said that she loved Italy so much because she really felt like a woman there. When I wanted to explain this feeling, he said that in America, men and women had a lot of confusion about their roles.

“Women often feel they must behave like a man, and they forget how to act as a woman after all. If many women earn money; to make their lives resign, to take the responsibility of others. We are no longer feeling how a woman should be. ”

He quickly said that women in Italy earned money, managed companies and organized their own lives, but somehow they observed that they were very peaceful with themselves as a woman, and that men also respected them. “Men in Italy really love and respect women, and women have that good feeling of being a woman. Women do not play both roles at once. They are very good at what they do with what they do. “

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