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Saf’s Intro Music hi there mates and welcome to a different submit at this time I am right here with the superb wengie Wengie: Hello guys! wengie has a tremendous weblog she does numerous DIY life hack we simply posted a what’s within the field problem it is linked beneath go test that out after this one however first learn us attempt to DIY some Instagram corset bra so you understand I am positive that these corset bras have been on Instagram like sponsored posts and simply on folks’s Instagram and Fb feeds for some time now I’ve one proper right here I haven’t got numerous cleavage I do not know in the event you do I imply yeah it is it is onerous it is onerous out right here Wengie: yeah we’re attempting to squeeze it upgiggles SAf: we’re simply attempting to carry our elbows very shut collectively as with all web particular merchandise you by no means know precisely what you are going to get whenever you order it so I needed to attempt to DIY this to see in the event you might get the identical impact at dwelling after which I assumed who higher to assist me out with this mission and wengie a DIY Queen Wengie: so how a lot is that? whenever you purchased it? Saf: This was about 20 bucks Wengie: Okay, so how a lot is a DIY model gonna be? Saf: About the identical.

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Each snort these bras are bought at a bunch of various web sites at a variety of costs and it is onerous to inform which model is the correct model it looks as if everybody sort of makes use of like the identical footage I’ve seen a few of these at a jacked up value like dearer like up like 40 bucks so possibly in the event you fell for a foul you understand a foul rip-off wengie laughs you possibly can get monetary savings by doing a DIY model as an alternative nice so let’s start all proper we have these uh plunge push-up bras it is this backless strapless plunge push-up bra from Goal and we each acquired the dimensions a /b Wengie: Yup, now now you know the way huge. Saf: the extra you understand after which we have these grommets of varied sizes so I did not know which measurement to get Wengie: They’re additionally referred to as eyelets. Saf: after which we have some cordage nicely that is for parachutes apparently Wengie: oh I used to be like considering shoelaces however that is additionally good Saf: we additionally we have some further material we have these patches you understand simply whenever you’re DIY you may add your personal Aptitude. Wengie: yeah make you personal fashion that is why I like DIY Saf: we do have a scorching glue gun as nicely for no purpose wengie Laughs I actually pulled this out and proper earlier than we began posting and wengie was like we do not want that Wengie: No Saf: I used to be like simply going to have it right here simply in case Wengie: except you are planning to scorching glue it in your self.

Saf: nicely if all else fails we would should wengie giggles we even have this hammer. Wengie: and we even have like 4 packets of eyelets to the purpose the place im simply confused which one i;m supposed to make use of, Saf: however I assumed that you just had been the style designer wengie -Wengie: we acquired flower ones Saf: yeah there’s one which’s flowers Wengie: I’ll use this one so I assume we begin up with the eyelet you understand possibly you wish to like mark out the place you wish to put the eyelet say like possibly they’re even saf gasps I believe im gonna transfer again a bit since you would possibly want some room for the eyelet Saf: nicely alright that is what I did Wengie: yeah appears good Saf: appears like a little bit polar bear or one thing would not he kinda seem like a little bit face Wengie: yeah! he is kinda cute! Saf: Too unhealthy we’re simply going to hammer him TO DEATH! hehe Ha! Wengie: Do not you hear the new glue gun? I am actually frightened. Saf: Okay, so now that we have now our cups marked out we acquired to poke some holes for our eyelets Wengie: Right here you go do not harm your self. Saf: Alright so I am simply going to stab. Wengie: Yeah Stab and twist possibly? Saf:Oh that went by means of fairly simply really Wengie: Yeah preserve working it till you get the correct measurement. Saf: How will I do know Wengie: Um nicely you may really get the eyelet and see if it matches by means of so whereas she’s utilizing the seam ripper I’ll go in with the scissors and see if that is doing something simpler there we go. Saf: Oh okay nicely you understand, I am having enjoyable with spearing away over right here wengie giggles alright I believe it is time to push these child by means of take a look at that Tyler behind the digicam ooh yeah! Wengie: Okay put the again on there we go. Tyler: Did work? Wengie: Yeah Tyler: Success Saf: Is that it? Tyler and Wengie Yeah, Thats it. Saf: So upon getting your eyelets in place on high and on backside you bought to make use of this little eyelet device to hammer that sht collectively Hammer Banging Wengie: it is connected Saf: gasp that is why we would have liked wengie right here as a result of in any other case I might have, do not even know what I might have been doing all proper.

So I’m additionally going to attempt to hammer my eyelet in how have you learnt what it is performed? you simply preserve going till you understand? Wengie: I believe it is performed Saf: Actually? Tyler: that is in there Saf: that is in there? Wengie: Yeah Saf: Did I do it? Wengie: Yeah! :) Saf: that feels very satisfying however that is superior take a look at that you possibly can simply I imply I might nearly simply put on it as an earring like Simply DIY over Wengie: All proper let’s end this up. Saf I like how we did one out of six and We’re like We’re performed! Wengie: giggles yeah I do know haha Saf: its simply too unhealthy however you have to have two boobs you understand you simply want one Wengie: A mono boo hmm Wengie: Or you understand what? greatest good friend boob you may tie you– Saf: Simply tie ourselves collectively it is like a potato sack race or like a three-legged race however its like a two boobed Race Hammering its kinda enjoyable simply making numerous noise simply being like IM-BEING-REALLY-LOUD! Wengie: The primary accomplished bra You guys have a McDonald’s close to right here? Saf: You simply sniffed the air like you possibly can odor McDonald’s from like miles away. Wengie: ooh! Saf: Is that it? Tyler: That appears nice! Wengie: Yeah I am actually pleased with them Saf: it is not tremendous symmetrical you may see my little nostril Tyler: Yeah thats cute Saf: It is there Tyler: I just like the nostril Saf: Okay, cool so now that we have these we simply wire them collectively? Wengie: I believe so all proper nicely the factor I frightened concerning the wire is is like there’s nothing to complete them so it might fray which may want like a lighter to complete them off Saf: I can get a lighter Wengie: That does not work. Saf: Simply high and backside (clicks high&backside switches) Wengie: Oohh that is sophisticated pyromaniac snort.

Saf: there are not any youngsters that stay on this condo but it surely’s childproof Wengie: You’ll be able to lace-up the way in which you wish to lace-up your shoelaces Saf: I have to burn this instantly that is already a difficulty yeah when do I cease simply by no means Wengie: I believe you stops Saf: Okay that was fairly sufficient wengie giggles I can maintain the flame open Wengie: Ahh, sure please Saf: and will set stuff on fireplace maintain on nicely talked the Massive Discuss could not stroll the stroll there we go Wengie: Thats it. Saf: oh that is all you do okay famous I’ll have burned mine an excessive amount of Wengie: Does it not match by means of? Saf: yeah Wengie: oh my gosh Saf: look how gross and bizarre it appears. Laughing you guys I believe this appears prefer it would possibly really work Wengie: It appears fairly skilled Saf: so we’re performed with the physique of our bra however we have additionally acquired these things if in case you are Wengie: I believe I’ll put a hole star on mine Saf: I am doing this turtle quoting the grasp of disguiseam I not a turtle sufficient for the turtle membership? Wengie: yeah that is an iron on Saf: oh nicely possibly we should not iron them due to the adhesive within the bras ought to we burn it on? Wengie: alright why not? Saf: Do you suppose? Wengie: yeah why not? You simply have to soften this glue so I believe if we do like a fast like a flame beneath it you would possibly soften the glue simply sufficient for us to stay it on. Saf: Virtually Wengie: Oh Look these these ones did a little bit bit see? take a look at that Saf: Okay so the star did not work however let me strive my turtle oh my god I melted him Wengie: his arm is waving Saf: i’ve injured my turtle Wengie: Awwww Saf:I believe the patches weren’t meant to be however simply know that I might have put a turtle on right here so we’re going to put these on I’ve acquired a pair white tank tops and we’ll simply see you understand earlier than and after that is wengie earlier than Hey Wengie: Hey! Saf: after which that is me earlier than I believe Wengie’s acquired extra cleavage than me all proper I’m peeling this off alright lemme attempt to put it on Tyler: hi there cleavage! ;) Saf: there we’re I believe we have arrived in Cleveland. Oops Bend and snap! Tyler: What are you doing? Saf:im attempting to indicate you my line Tyler: okay.

Saf: thats all I’ve acquired Tyler: Do you suppose its working? Saf: I believe that we had been medium profitable Wengie:Yeah I dont comprehend it labored that nicely Saf: I’ve acquired a little bit something-something Wengie: You bought a little bit somthing-something? laughs Saf: it is a little bit line principally what I’ve performed is I’ve introduced within the like armpit boob there’s just a bit valley in right here like since you sort of acquired like this which is pulling it after which that is being let unfastened Wengie:This bra actually huge for me so it is not likely pulling in as a lot as i might like Saf: We wanted only a smaller cup Wengie: like a narrower cup you understand? Saf: Yeah yeah there you go yeah Wengie: I believe a narrower cup than what your chest is would work I can see how that is working and I see how this might work I really feel like you understand like numerous the pushup comes from the vertical push like this does the horizontal push so you are going to get the road however I really feel like typically the road would possibly look bizarre as a result of you do not have the vertical Saf: somthing-somthing if nothing else I realized quite a bit thanks for instructing me how you can hammer in eyelets I had a good time Wengie: Yeah! Saf: Be sure you try our collab that’s on wengie’s weblog numerous unsolicited screams Wengie: Yeah there’s numerous screaming numerous like freaking out. Saf: Thanks guys a lot for studying in the event you preferred that submit make sure that to smash that like button and if you wish to see extra posts like this make sure that to smash that remark button you already smash that remark button? make sure that to smash that little bell icon to activate submit notifications so that you get a notification each time that I submit, Listed below are Wengie’s social media handles and listed here are my social media handles make sure that to take a look at my subsequent beat I do numerous each day postging and Q&A’s on there an enormous shout out to Christine for studying thanks for studying Christine and I’ll see you guys a subsequent time. Wengie:Byeeeeee.

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