We Talk About The Taboos Of Period Sex

There’s this one time in high school I have definitely like. I actually I don’t know if I want to say that. on camera Understandable. My dad might see this.

Hi everyone I’m Laura and I want to talk about sex on my period. Ready Hannah? What about you Lauren? Big question, do you have sex on your period, or are you one of those people where you’re nope stay away from me can’t do it. Sometimes I feel like I’m hornier when I’m on my period. Internally I’m like Ooo yeah I wanna do it, but then it’s like actually like, I’m like I actually I don’t know how I feel about this you have to like put a towel- It’s just like what is sexy about that. It’s a fiasco it’s a whole production (Yeah) It’s a lot, you know (Right) It’s like a Broadway musical There’s like a lot of things going on (It is) It is. It depends, I mean for the majority of my period I feel disgusting and then towards like the end of my period I am way more sexually aroused than normal I guess? But at the same time. I still don’t necessarily want to be touched. The first two days I want to kill myself. Absolutely I want to die, I want to be in my room and I don’t want to talk to anyone.

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Then after that I’m like bring it on bring it all on I want to have all the sex, all the sex, all the sex. What would you to like get prepared for period sex, when you were to have it? Shower for a few hours until I feel like maybe I’m like clean. Right, It’s true it’s like I want to be in the shower bathing using my wash Right and then pull out the tampon really quickly and then I’m like okay let’s go You know it’s like you have to be so prepared and like so methodological about it Right There’s always the like okay I want to do this to you, you know what keep telling me what you want to do to me. I’m going to lay this towel down (right) and it’s like it makes it like really exciting. Keep me what you want to do to me I’m going to lay this towel down. For me it’s a really good way to sort of slow things down and have a conversation with my partner or the person that I’m having sex with where I’m like okay, one we are not fluid bonded, or we are fluid bonded so that conversation comes up um which is always a great conversation and not being fluid bonded basically just means that you are using protection like condoms and dental dams and latex gloves and it’s just a way to stay safe and to be accountable and have autonomy over your body and it’s really, I really like it. Do you feel like the conversation has to happen a little faster? Like or is not a worry? I feel like it has progressed some more that we’ve become just best friends and it’s just a part of life and It’s apart of like- It’s not going to go away.

Right So I feel like that’s a really cool moment to get to with somebody too where you do feel comfortable and it’s not something that is an insecurity anymore maybe it’s not ideal but if you want to do it then you want to do it Right, right of course What would you want your partner to know about your period and when you’re on your period and how that like precludes to sex. I know some women do feel you know way sexier on their period I feel way more disgusting on my period and so like be mindful of that and if I turn down that advance it’s not anything personal it’s just because there’s blood coming from my vagina And I don’t feel very good about it. Umm (yeah) so be like- I mean seriously (Yeah) For me what I’ve noticed is I’m like okay well why don’t we try something else? Like what? Like- Like what let’s get the drinks out Sensory play, let’s try like spanking sex is so much more than just like penis inside a vagina like all the time like there’s so much more to it. But I wanted to ask you a question Go for it You’re pregnant I am. I didn’t just eat the whole tray of strawberries I am actually- if you saw me rubbing my belly before. Um sex on your period vs. like sex while you’re pregnant Is there a diff- I mean obviously there’s a difference but is there one you prefer more? I would much rather have sex on my period than sex while pregnant. It’s definitely different, it feels different I don’t feel like I have as much like room down there. I’m just saying like it just like it feels different. I think when it comes to positions while pregnant. There’s definitely some that are just not going to work anymore. Sorry. So, when you do have sex on your period are there positions that you do not care for? and are there positions that you really, really like? Like for me to be bent over or to have sex from behind is really, really difficult because it’s just that person has more access to more of your body um and it hurts um versus maybe like being on top where I can control more of the situation. I would not want to be on top because when gravity takes over that could be a very messy situation when you’re on your period.

I think that good old missionary might be. my limit. I was going to say that I really like standing up or bending over (oh interesting) or whatever it is so that’s really crazy that we all have different ideas of that. If you have a favorite sex position when you’re on your period comment below and let us know and maybe we’ll try it Yeah, maybe we’ll try it out Maybe it could add itself to the lineup Just be at home like reading comments like babe this one Sex on your period some of us like it some of us aren’t totally into it and both of those answers are perfectly normal and okay. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this.

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