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Hey! I’m Mi-Anne. And I’m Lydia. And this is Beauty In A Snap. Today Lydia is going to show me how to rock a wearable goth look. Now, Lydia is a superstar at my blog. She is known all around the office for her black lipstick and her vampy, goth vibes. And I’m so excited to learn how to do it. Thank you. So what is the first step in your makeup routine? Once I’ve done my base, then I start with eyebrows. Okay. Power brows. I love a power brow.

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They are the curtains to the window of your face. That’s true. So beautiful. So I fill in all of the hairy bits and then I’ll use a liquid eyeliner to create a point on the end and to create a boxy shape at the beginning. I’m using this Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake basically just over my natural brows. This is tricky because you don’t want to go in too far and you have a Frida Kahlo moment. The next step in the routine is liquid eyeliner. Liquid liner can be really intimidating to a lot of people. I’m using a pen a liquid eyeliner pen by DHC. It’s a Japanese brand. When you have a confident swoop is when it always looks the best. If you’re shaky and nervous about doing it.. Yeah. It’s a little like, “$#!” The third step is to just put a tiny bit of mascara on. I don’t put loads on.

I think that having a little bit of mascara when you’re wearing eyeliner kind of lets everything blend together. Yeah. Exactly. The final step and my kind of finishing touch is my lips. They take the longest and I usually leave them ‘til last because then I can be drinking a cup of coffee while I’m doing the rest. Yeah. So I start with again, another liquid eyeliner, but this is more of a tattoo pen. I’m learning something new today! I’ve never used liquid eyeliner to line my lips before. But in theory, it actually makes a lot of sense because it’s not going to bleed all over your lips. Now I’m going to use my favorite lipstick right now, which is this Kat Von D… Witches. Yeah. Witches. Perfect name for that. Right? And it goes on like a gloss which I really like. It’s super malleable but then it dries..

Super matte. Yeah, matte. And also that is not coming off. I’m going to use a black lipstick from the drugstore that I really like from the Katy Perry CoverGirl collection. The shade is Perry Panther. Yeah this one’s actually good if you’re starting out with this look because this has got a timer on it. Whereas with this, you can still move it around a little. I feel like the black lipstick makes my teeth look whiter than they usually are. There’s not many steps, you know? And if you mess up like I just did then, you can literally just push it back in. The dot under the eye which I’ve seen you wear before and I really like. I want to know how you do it. You basically just have to stare at yourself squarely in the mirror and figure out where it’s symmetrical and just dot once. Cool! So this is the finished look. What do you think? How do I look? I think you look great! I feel like I’m giving off a little Queen Amidala vibes. Not that she even really wore this look. I just feel like it’s a little bit… It is.

This whole look was actually so much quicker than I thought it was going to be. Yeah people often come up to me and are like, “How long does this take?” And actually, it’s really quick. It’s literally just eyebrows, eyeliner, and lipstick, the same as everyone else. Yeah. It just happens to be all black. Yeah. Which is way cooler. Well thank you so much for reading. Bye! Bye!.

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