Wearable Pigtail Braids – Back To School Updos

Hey girls Abbey here with day of our back-to-school updos and this one is a rare one for me because I have only done two well now it’s too pigtail hairstyles ever on YouTube I’ll a little bit pig telephone back but I like these. So that’s good but I think they’re. So cute and I think they’re great for kind of coming off of summer because you know we just finished summer up. So you can still pair it with some cute summery clothes and your nice little summer tan it’ll still work even if you’re a ghost like.

Wearable Pigtail Braids – Back To School Updos Photo Gallery

I am don’t worry but I love it I think it’s super great for like going back to high school or middle school or even college I think you’ll be great hope you guys like this I uploaded two posts over the last two days and I’ll uploading another post tomorrow. So check those out if you haven’t seen them and come back tomorrow for the next one yay.

I’ll see you guys in the next post wha bye begin by splitting your hair in half and then you’re going to separate your hair for braiding except the center section is going to be much larger than the side sections and that’s going to make our snake braid show up a lot better brave loosely all the way down your hair and then when you get to the end make sure that the large section is positioned in the middle and then you’re going to hold the two small sections on either side the large section in the middle and hold the small sections with one hand and a large section with the other and go ahead and pull the hair back up the hair shaft and then you’re going to kind of loosen it up and pull it about halfway down and that makes the snake shape and then secure it with a band and then all you have to do is repeat it on the other side make sure to break loosely because it makes it a lot easier to slide the hair back up and then don’t slide all the hair back down like don’t slide it all the way back down or else it turns back into a bright only slide it down until you see the S shape that you want and that is it you’ve got your nice little pigtail braids style.

I like it because it’s something different and it’s something that you can wear with your summery clothes because even though you’re going back to school you’re still wearing summary stuff. So I hope you guys like this and try it out let me know if you do because I always love hearing about that and then go ahead and check out the other posts in the series I’ve already uploaded day one and two and A four and five are coming tomorrow and the day after. So be sure to check back for those I will see you guys later bye you.

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