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One thing I always warn a couple before the day is that, at some point during the meal, I will almost definitely pull them outside to take photos in the ‘golden light’: the moment before the sun gets too low in the sky. For this shot, I got my second photographer, Max, to shake the long grass they stood in – it released tons of pollen, creating this dazzling explosion. Sometimes, physically manipulating your surroundings gets the best out of the light.

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‘I want to shoot YOUR wedding!’

Yes, that’s right, Brides has collaborated with Matt to bring our readers the ultimate prize: your entire wedding shot by the man himself – worth £3,000! You will have Matt shooting your whole day, starting with getting ready in the morning, through to your ceremony and evening reception. You’ll then receive an edit of shots (including a special 500-edit link to share with family and friends), all loaded onto a USB stick, ready for you to By Pippa’s OFFICIAL photographer create what surely will be the Best. Wedding. Album.

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Tabitha Wrigley married Jamie Orchard on 22nd June 2016

‘When I meet potential clients for the first time, I look for people who are going to have fun and really connect with each other on the day, and be open to doing something a bit different with pictures. I love the way the wind lifted this bride’s veil here. I asked her to do a few natural twirls, which she was more than happy to do. I also often tell people to not look at the camera – it gives the most reportage-style shots, and they shouldn’t be looking at me all day anyway!’

Matt James married Matthew Pateman on 2nd September 2016

‘Matt and Matt did all their own decor, which was awesome – it’s always great for a photographer to have fun props like these to play with. Here, the couple were surrounded by whitewashed walls, so I placed them in the shade, which meant that the soft light fell onto their faces.’

Sally Chamdal married Rob Young on 30th July 2016

‘At some point during a couple’s shoot, I like to pull the groom aside and tell him to come and stand with me, a) so that he can really see and appreciate how beautiful his bride is, and b) so that I can get some photos of her on her own. With this picture, I actually used another tactic: I stopped shooting and pretended to be changing my lens. When I do this, people forget I’m there, so they let their guard down and act totally naturally. It always makes for a really pretty shot.’

Tessa Cavey married JP Martyn on 27th July 2014 ‘

This wedding was in Lake Como and it’s one of the best couple’s shoots I’ve ever done: 40 minutes on an original Riva boat, speeding around the lake. The beauty of this shot is that it was post- ceremony and pre-reception, which is always the most special time for the bride and groom at a wedding – it’s the first moment that they get to be on their own together as husband and wife. I had to do a lot of leaning off the side of the boat, though, to get this shot!

Michelle Byard married Lee Warden on 25th July 2014 ‘

This actually won an award in Professional Photography magazine: best picture in the wedding category 2014, which I was so proud of. It’s at Victoria College, a school in Jersey which has a Great Hall with these incredible cathedral-like windows. This light would only happen in mid-June – any other time and I knew that the sunbeams would be facing the wrong way. Always look at your venue a year before you want to get married, or at least in the same season – it’s so important to see what it’s going to look like on the day of your wedding, not just in terms of potential lighting, but also things like what flowers will be in bloom.’

Matt and Matthew ‘There’s a reason I’ve included three images from this wedding – these guys are one of my favourite couples. They married in Santorini and this was just after their late- afternoon ceremony; it was too hot to have it earlier, but that meant we had great light. It was a windy evening, so I untied the drapes from the pergola. When I know a scene will look good, I snap hundreds of images in the hope of getting one hero shot. The silhouette, the drape and the light worked perfectly.’

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