Wedding-Day Scent Makeup Tips

Choose a fragrance that you really love and layer it so that it will stay with you all through the day. By layering different concentrations and formulations of your scent, it will never be overpowering.

After you shower, apply your fragrance’s body lotion on your still damp skin all over your body. Next, dot its perfume on your pulse points behind knees, at wrists, on ankle bones, and behind the ears.

You would like to hire a makeup artist to do your wedding face, but how do you find someone qualified? Ask friends who have had their makeup done for a big event. Inquire at the makeup counters at local department stores or beauty salons. Sometimes the salespeople behind the counters are also quite capable makeup artists. You might also phone a local modeling school for suggestions.

Before deciding on the makeup artist, speak to him/her: Ask if he/she has ever done makeup for a wedding. Ask to see pictures of his/her work. Request that you do a complete dry run of the wedding makeup a week or two before the event so that you are sure you like the look. If you meet with any resistance on doing a dry run, move on to the next name on your list. Hiring a makeup artist without trying him or her first could lead to a disaster! Discuss fees and dates up-front so that there are no misunderstandings. Remember to allow one solid hour for both the dry run and the actual wedding-day application.

If you cannot afford or cannot find someone in your area, arrange to go to a department store to have a makeup lesson. Then practice the look. Do your own run-through a week or so before the wedding. Arrange to have your maid of honor or a bridesmaid there with you to help critique your job.

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