Wedding Edition Classic Bridal Updo

Yo hey guys today I’m going to show you how to do this classic bridal updo stay tuned, if you want to see the whole look first off part your hair like. So and tie the back cap into a ponytail for the next step you can either do a French braid or a Dutch braid. But I chose to do a Dutch braid. So pick up some hair at the top and divide it into three equal sections to start the braid across the right strand underneath the middle then cross the left strand underneath the middle now pick up some hair with your thumb add it to the right strand and cross it underneath the middle then take the left strand and cross it underneath the middle without picking up hair. So let’s go through this one more time pick up some hair with your thumb add it to the right strand then cross it underneath the middle take the left strand down and cross it underneath the middle. So this is almost like a French braid except your braiding from underneath and you’re only picking up hair on one side after you incorporate all your hair into the braid continue it all the way down and tie it off with an elastic band, if you have thin hair then your braids might look a little tiny.

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So just gently tug on it to give it some volume next you want to make a hole up up the hair tie and flip your ponytail through it now take your ponytail and wrap it around one of your hands then roll it down into a bun, if you have shorter hair you might want to back from your hair first to add some volume when your bun is in place grab some large bobby pins and slide them in between the base of the bun and the base of your head insert them on both ends until your bun is secured next comes my favorite part you want to fan out your bun and use small bobby pins to hold it down when that’s done do the exact same thing on the other side and use as many bobby pins as you need when your bun is secured take your braids and wrap it around your bun again you want to take your bobby pins and stick them in the side to keep the braid in place to accessorize this hairstyle.

I’m going to use my flower pins from light in the box calm, if you have dark hair stick the pins in the braid to make your braids stand out. So here’s the look with care pins or, if you prefer you can also use ornamental hero phones like this, one this piece is also from light in the boss calm and they have a ton of hair accessories. So I’ll place the link in the info box down below all you have to do is slide it in and you’re good to go let me know which look you guys like better the hair pins the hair comb or the combination of both I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading bye comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and feel free to check out my other hair tutorial.

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