Wedding hairdos for long hair

After a night of texturizing I was now a 3C-4A gal. My coils were spiraling and shining. Every 3 months I texturized my new growth and I was receiving the compliments that I craved. Oh, I love your hair! How do I get my hair like that? I responded with cockiness and told them that this was a twist-out. I simply twist my hair at night and unravel in the morning and voila, gorgeous curls! I deceptively would leave out the whole texturizer thing because deep down I knew it was WRONG.

I continued to abuse my hair for the next several months with texturizer and color in my hair. After nearly two years of naturally deceiving; Karma finally struck.

During a routine touch-up ironically on yet another hot day in July, locked in yet another teeny weeny bathroom, with no ventilation or air-conditioned relief, my past decided to pay me a visit.

I applied the mild texturizer to my hair without any burning this time, just a lot of impatience and in need of quick relief from the summer heat.

In the shower something wasn’t right this time. My hair texture felt like an SOS scrubbing pad. I immediately reached out for a handful of conditioner. As I rinsed, globs of soapsuds slowly trickled down my back and crawled to my ankles. I looked down in horror as clumps of my hair paraded down towards the drain. I raked half a bottle of conditioner through my hair, only to reveal fingers entwined and coated with strands of Brillo Pad hair and globs of it showering to the tub floor.

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