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And I’d never take back a single part of it – especially what I wore. My feather-light skirt and matching bodice from Catherine Deane was exactly the look I was going for: relaxed, pretty and a tad boho. The Needle & Thread lace top I bought for the evening was gorgeous, too. However, with hindsight I wish I had spent much more time trying on different shapes and styles: not only is it revealing about your tastes, but it’s also an integral part of the process. Plus, when else in your life can you put on as many gorgeous gowns as you want, in quick succession? So, when Brides said they could make it happen for me, I didn’t hesitate.

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On the day, it was like raiding an amazing dressing-up box and I was the only person in the queue! And the other reason I’d recommend this process? You will want to speak to lots of experts while choosing your dress. I was lucky to have Brides fashion director Bryony Toogood dressing me, suggesting styles and talking me through the different fabrics and shapes, but you’ll get this sort of help at any good bridal boutique. So, if you haven’t chosen “the one” yet, do this now – you never know what you might fall in love with. Love, Lily x PS: My mum came along too – read on to see which look she loved the most!’

The winter gown ‘I adore the long sleeves on this dress – they’re just so elegant and demure – and the luxe faux- fur shawl gives the whole look a real Christmassy/winter vibe (plus, when you take the shawl off, you get a whole other look – it’s so versatile). The super- flattering waistband is high enough to give you a lovely shape, but doesn’t make you feel restrained. The slit is great, as it takes the weight out of the dress and allows you to move freely. I would have fun putting accessories with this – a colourful clutch bag would work perfectly.’ Sand-washed silk dress, £2,540, and Mongolian gilet, £915; both Satin heels, £495,

The floral one This is the gown for a British summer wedding it’s got “Pimm’s on the lawn in the sunshine” written all over it. The neckline gives me bust, but without being too revealing, and the way the fabric crosses over itself is really flattering. It also has a proper boned corset that makes you feel instantly secure and confident. And the flowers! The print is divine. s a bold choice whilst also being delicate and pretty. I feel very elegant in it.’ Silk chiffon dress, £1,650,

Keeping it short & sweet ‘This is cupcake heaven! As soon as I put it on, I practically wanted to skip down the aisle. With the mid-calf length, it’s like a super-chic version of a Little Bo Peep outfit: cute and fun. And pink – it’s a lovely candyfloss shade. It’s not a shape I would normally choose, but the “twirl power” of the dress is immense – you just want to keep spinning round and round. It’s got so much character and personality going for it.’ Satin and tulle ballerina dress, £1,450,

The ballgown ‘The incredible thing about this gown is that it really isn’t as heavy as it looks (honestly!). The ruffles themselves are made out of such beautifully light tulle material that it almost floats with you as you walk, and the bodice isn’t too heavy, either, which I like. I can imagine getting married abroad in a smart Italian palace wearing this gown. I wouldn’t accessorise it – the ruffles are all you need!’ Lace corset ballgown with multi- tiered ruffle skirt, £8,550, Marchesa at

The jumpsuit ‘This is so cool – I feel like I’m about to go and get hitched in NYC; it’s just so chic and grown-up, but has a lovely casual air to it. I love the pockets, they make me feel totally comfortable – and I would have been able to dance all night in this, which was one of the most important things to me. Would I have worn it for my ceremony? Yes! Why not? It’s different, but still bridal enough and that’s why I like it.’ Tailored tuxedo jumpsuit in Japanese crêpe, £2,300, Viktor & Rolf at Satin heels, £495,

The shapely fishtail ‘I feel like a super-sassy mermaid in this gown – obviously because of the awesome fishtail, but also because it’s so well fitted in the rest of the body. It’s slinky and sexy, but still traditional-looking. We tried it without the belt on the shoot, but actually it worked so much better with it, as it breaks up the solid line of the dress and adds a touch of sparkle to the whole look. I know this style is very popular, and having tried it on, I can see why – it has a contemporary feel whilst also being utterly timeless. I much prefer wearing my hair down with a strapless dress: I always think I’m quite broad in the shoulders, so it feels much better to have it framing my face and neckline.’ Satin dress with apron tulle and organza skirt, £1,600,

The feathered mini ‘Hands down my favourite dress of the day – I would wear this every day of my life if I could! Before trying it on, I was worried about showing so much leg, but the dress is just so well made that it’s impossible not to feel confident in it. The feathers (they are so soft!) and the sparkle add a bit of fun and glamour to it, too. I would have changed into this dress straight after my ceremony as a second gown; it’s just pure party perfection.’ Embroidered mini-dress with ostrich- feather skirt, from £6,750, Naeem Khan at Classic satin open-toe sandals, £360,

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